EFT Tapping to Change Your Mind: Meet Jackie Simek, NYC Based Mindset Coach

Laws of Attraction with Jackie Simek. Courtesy of Jackie Simek.

By Emily Merrell 

I was reminded of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping while watching a recent ‘Jane the Virgin’ episode. Jane had used tapping to quell her anxiety and I was intrigued. As serendipity would have it, I was introduced to Jackie Simek, a NYC based mindset coach who uses tapping to change lives. In our 30-minute session, she asked me what mindset I wanted to change. Through a series of follow and repeat exercises, I copied her tapping movements and words to eliminate my self-limiting belief. I took what I learned and applied tapping to any stressful situation I encountered that week and was thrilled to notice a calmer disposition and a healthier solution when I started to spiral into anxiety. Below, you’ll learn more about Jackie, her practices and what tapping is really about. 

SDS: What is tapping and how does it differ from traditional therapy? 

JACKIE SIMEK: I describe EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping as the trifecta of talk therapy, acupressure and energy work. Traditional therapy focuses on just talking, but when we are upset or stressed, it’s hard to access the part of our brain that’s responsible for making sense of things. Traditional therapy also doesn’t access our bodies, where all of our past experiences are stored, nor our energy field (and we are all energy). 

With tapping, we also talk about what’s upsetting but we do it as we tap on meridian points on the body so it sends a calming signal to the nervous system. This allows for rapid healing, shifts in perspective and new thoughts.

SDS: How can someone change their mindset with tapping or EFT? 

JS: Our mindset develops based upon life experiences. I often say to clients, “This is not who you are, but your reaction to what has happened to you.” With EFT tapping we get to access the root of the story in the subconscious to heal the past experiences. It also heals related emotions that created the belief system and keeps it playing on repeat. EFT tapping changes the neural pathways of the brain so we literally start to think differently.

Jackie Simek seminar. Courtesy of Jackie Simek.

SDS: How did you get into the world of tapping? Were you ever skeptical of the practice? 

JS: Tapping found me when I hit my rock bottom about five years ago. My rock bottom didn’t look so bad from the outside, but it was the moment I decided I could no longer feel so crappy inside. When I declared, the Universe delivered. I met an EFT practitioner and we did 10 minutes of tapping on an old story I was living from. A few days later I went to access this old story and it wasn’t there anymore. I guess that is why it’s called Emotional FREEDOM Technique. That’s when I was hooked. 

Since then I got certified as a practitioner, left my corporate finance job and have worked with hundreds of women….and yet yes! Yes, I am still skeptical. Every day I see insane stuff happen before my eyes – forgiveness, healing of trauma, chronic pain – GONE, and yet I’m still in awe that something so simple when applied in the right way actually works. 

SDS: What are some of the craziest results you’ve seen from tapping? 

JS: I love to apply tapping to old stories and limiting beliefs. I believe we are the conscious creators of our lives and creation begins in the mind. When we know we are deserving and we remove our own fears and resistances, what we’ve been asking for finds its way to us easily. So I’ve seen my clients book new business within minutes of finishing a session, get a huge raise, land a promotion and melt away pain and tension they’ve been carrying. There’s also been lots of leveling up, which for a few clients meant leaving long term relationships that weren’t serving them. My favorite quote from a client has been, “I have confidence like I’ve never experienced before in my life.”

SDS: Lastly, if someone was to start tapping today where do you recommend they start? 

JS: Contact me! I love supporting the community – from a monthly group tapping circle in NYC, workshops, online webinars, a newsletter that often includes a tapping video, self study products and one-on-one work….there is something for everyone to start to benefit from this life changing technique. 

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