October 30, 2019

What The Weight Loss Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

By Emily Hochman

If you’re reading this and have thought about your weight at some point in the past week, you’re not alone. And if you’ve tried multiple diets, but are still looking for the right fit, you’re definitely not alone. 49% of Americans want to lose weight , 45 million try dieting each year and yet more than two thirds of the American population are overweight. With these statistics, there’s an obvious problem, but a not-so-obvious solution. 

Why is dieting and weight loss so confusing?

Our society is built on an understanding that weight controls beauty, health and wellness. Countless brands tell us that calorie counting is the solution to a healthier, happier life — but does eating an avocado (~200 calories) and eating a bag of Skittles (~200 calories) provide the same health benefits? No. 

While it’s important to fuel your body with the number of calories it needs to function, where those calories come from is just as important.

The weight loss industry is broken. To become healthy and achieve long-lasting results, we must look beyond calories and focus on nutrient-dense whole foods. Marketing campaigns promise quick wins, (“you’ll lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks!”), which turn into weight fluctuations, yo-yo dieting and poor long-term health. 

Emily Hochman, CEO and Founder of Wellory. Courtesy of Emily Paine

Instead, we need to focus on what really matters: the science of behavior change, the interconnection of nutrition and physical activity and the power of accountability.

At Wellory, we’re on a mission to make being healthy easy — forever. We developed a simple, proven system that fits into your lifestyle and holds you accountable to achieving your health goals.


At the core of our system is something you already do all day, everyday — text! No app, no scheduling, no nonsense. You’ll be matched with a personal certified health coach and receive on-demand customized nutrition advice, daily support and expert accountability to help you make healthier choices and reach your goals. With just a few text messages each day, Wellory will help you become the healthiest version of yourself.

Unlike the current weight loss industry that focuses on quick fixes, we’re focused on helping our members achieve long-lasting results. On a daily basis, we advise members on what to eat, how to improve their diets, and most importantly, we keep them accountable to the healthy lifestyle they want with the support they need.

It’s time to put down the sugar-free candy, high sodium protein bars, and late night pizza that’s inevitable after a week of juice fasting. Instead, let’s start eating breakfast, enjoying whole foods, listening to our bodies, and coloring our plates green — veggies are in!

Emily Hochman is the Founder and CEO of Wellory. Emily also serves on the Advisory Board of Luminary, founded the Movemeant Foundation Professional Board and is a certified health coach.

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