November 13, 2019

Pre-Travel Tips for Staying Energized

By Krista Harper

 Traveling is exhilarating but can be exhausting. Staying energized while you travel can be a challenge, especially if you’re traveling across multiple time zones! With planning, however, you can reduce fatigue and stay energized while traveling. Just add these simple pre-travel tips to your prep routine.

 Pack healthy snacks.

 Airline food doesn’t cut it when it comes to nutrition for keeping your energy up. Pack enough healthy snacks for the flight and a full day into your trip. This will help keep hunger at bay while you get your bearings in unfamiliar surroundings. Healthy, energy-boosting foods include whole fruit, nuts, carrot sticks and whole-grain crackers. Even a little dark chocolate can give you a boost.

 Adjust your sleep schedule.

 This little trick is useful if you’re traveling over more than one time zone. Become aware of the time change a week before your trip, adjusting your bedtime accordingly in increments. This will help you avoid a sudden, energy-draining adjustment when you arrive at your destination. This will adjust your circadian rhythm and allow you to ease into the change without exhaustion.

 Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate some more.

 Start hydrating well before you reach the airport, and certainly before you reach the dry air of the airplane cabin. Drink the equivalent of two to three 8oz glasses of water before you pass security, then grab a liter for every three-hour segment of your flight.

 Avoid alcohol (when possible!)

 Alcohol does nothing for your energy levels, even when you’re not traveling. Try to reserve your drinking until a day into your trip, so that you have some time to recover before indulging. Overindulgence can tend to can rob you of any progress you’ve made in staying energized. Although a few nightcaps might help you drift off, you may end up paying for them in the middle of the night. A few hours after consuming alcohol, your body’s level of epinephrine rises. Epinephrine is a stress hormone that increases your heart and blood pressure and stimulates the body in general.

 Change your caffeine consumption.

 Jet lag can cause significant fatigue that can make it difficult to stay awake during the day. Don’t just reach for the caffeine automatically, however. Reserve your caffeine intake for the morning hours in your new time zone and avoid it for the rest of the day and evening. Then, when you need a pick-me-up, go for hydrating, energy-boosting beverages instead, such as coconut water or ginseng tea.

 Walk as much as possible.

 Especially if you’re traveling for business and sitting in meetings for much of your trip, make sure to take full advantage of breaks and squeeze in a walk or climb some stairs. Also, partially fill your leisure time with long walks. This is a great way to get to know a new location, as well as stay energized for the enjoyment of it.


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