December 16, 2019

A Wine To Fit Every Holiday Party

By Emily Merrell

Let me preface this post by telling you that I am not a wine expert. I am, however, an individual that knows what she likes and has had the pleasure of working in the wine industry off and on for years. Regardless of trying lots of wines over my lifetime, I still find it overwhelming to pick the right wine, especially during the holiday season. I never want to show up to a party, dinner or gathering empty-handed. With wine delivered to my door based on my palate choices, my winc wine membership has been a game changer for me. I’m able to grab a festive wine right off my shelf that I know will be different than what other guests are bringing. Check out my favorite wines for the 2019 holiday season below!

When I was 22, I liked white wine. I knew very little about what type of white that I liked but I knew I didn’t like the red ones and really liked the tiny wine bottles that I could toss into my purse and take to parties (super classy). My interest and understanding of wine all changed when I moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina back in 2009. It was there that I was introduced to the famous “Malbec”. A grape that is part of the Bordeaux blend but didn’t really have a chance or the resources to stand on its own in France. Yet in Argentina, the grape flourished in Mendoza and put Argentina on the map for its Malbec. 

So when heading to a party and wanting to bring a nice bottle of red, Malbec is always a safe choice and my personal favorite. For those that aren’t sure about red wine, it’s a gateway red! Our whole family loves it!

One of my personal favorites is 2018 Mercana Malbec by Winc wines. The price point is ideal at $14.99 or $12.99 for members. This wine is the perfect fit for a pizza night or a big bold steak. 

Courtesy of Emily Merrell

True confession, I used to hate sparkling wine. I hated the bubbles (and the dry taste) – which I  typically masked with OJ! It wasn’t until this year that I weaned off of the sweeter Prosecco and found true love in sparkling wine. Perhaps it was the mixture of celebrations we had this year (a wedding in France, our wedding in wine country) but now my husband and I will order sparkling wine everywhere we go. 

My personal favorite has been 2017 Finkes Chenin Blanc Sparkling Wine. It tastes like green apple and has a sharp bite to it. It’s fresh and is a very drinkable wine to celebrate with. As a California resident, I love that this wine is made in California. At a price point of $19.99 ($17.99 for Winc Members) it’s an elevated offering at any gathering. Especially New Year’s! 

Remember when I mentioned that I knew nothing about wine and it was just red or white? Chenin Blanc is a varietal I’ve been VERY excited about. This wine is refreshing and pairs well with sushi nights or with salmon and dill, YUM. This is also the white wine option we served at our wedding in October. 

My favorite Chenin Blanc is the 2018 Cape Route Chenin Blanc from South Africa. While I’m not super familiar with South African wines, this wine has challenged me to be more adventurous and order more whites that have come from this region. 

Courtesy of Emily Merrell

I am probably the last person to jump on the rosé bandwagon but now there is nothing like nibbling on a cheese platter with a chilled glass of rosé. But back to my days of little wine bottles, I also love being able to bring one drink with me to have in unexpected places – like a picnic in the park or at a party that has limited drink options.  

I’m in love with the stylish cans that will eliminate glassware and make every party that much more festive! My favorite Rosé in a can is the Ruza. For $17.99 you get four 187ml cans of  Rosé. 

Courtesy of Emily Merrell

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