December 18, 2019

Behind the Lens, Meet Izabelle Azevedo: Founder of Red Skirt Media


Red Skirt Media founder Izabelle Azevedo. Courtesy of Izabelle Azevedo.

By Emily Merrell 

The most famous pivot might still be the cast of Friends bringing a couch up a flight of stairs. Yet whether you’re starting your career or you’re a mid-level, pivots happen every day. A perfect example of managing the pivot is Izabelle Azevedo. Izabelle spent a good duration of her career in the coaching industry yet recently transitioned to video production for female founders. She saw the common problems facing her clients and found a solution for them- her! 

SDS: After spending some time in the coaching industry, you’ve pivoted to a new business focused on video production for female founders. What was the inspiration (or missing piece) you saw in the already existing market? 

IZABELLE AZEVEDO: As much as I love coaching, since starting my first business back in 2015, my ‘forte’ was always on the creative/marketing side. I would spend more time creating content than actually trying to get new leads or on calls. Also, video and photography have been a passion of mine since a very young age. I used to dream of being a music video producer (hello MTV!) Besides having other entrepreneurs coming to ask me how I was organizing and creating my content (that was a clue, right?), I’d also get my heart racing when thinking of the idea of working with video. When I was coaching a client of mine to go for it in Hollywood, telling her that age didn’t matter, something shifted inside me. Six months later, in October last year while watching Salt, Fat, Acid Heat and commenting on the camera angles, the colors, etc, my husband looked at me and said “I think you should work with video.” That was the universe saying “Go, girl!” 

SDS: I love the name “Red Skirt Media” – can you share more of the story behind the name?

IA: Yes! A couple of years ago I decided to start going to important networking events and conferences wearing my red skirt because I thought this was a way to stand out and make it easier for the people I was meeting to remember me – as “the red skirt girl.” I was wearing it on my first Six Degrees Society event, by the way! When I decided to start my media company last fall, I had a list of over 40 NAMES! My husband was the one who brought the idea of naming it “Red Skirt Media,” and at first I said no. But hey, so glad I changed my mind later! Not only because it’s catchy and easy for me to pronounce, but also because we help female founders stand out in the crowd.

SDS: Video is the new blog. How have you seen the shift to video change a business for good or bad? How can we all implement more video into our businesses? 

IA: I see video as a powerful tool to connect with your people. It’s so easy nowadays to get in front of the camera and reach your audience, right? I can talk about my own experience when working as a coach. I gained a lot of momentum (and clients) when I finally started using videos with strategy and doing Instagram lives. Of course the strategy will depend on what service/product you’re offering, but more than ever, we consumers want to know the behind-the-scenes look of the business, story and mission. Video is the tool for that. But of course, you need to know what to say, how to approach it and which type of content is best for your business.

SDS: What are the favorite sort of videos you like shooting? Can you walk us through the process of what it’s like to work with you? 

IA: I create different types of video content, and I enjoy it all. But I love making short documentary kinds of videos where the founders shares their stories and missions behind their businesses. Usually, we start with emails or a call for us to get to know each other. This helps me to get to know her, her business, and goals (or sometimes help her define a goal/strategy). Then we set up a plan and script for the shooting day. After that, I’ll work the creative magic and edit to deliver the project to her, so she can start sharing it with her people. 

SDS: What is one piece of advice you wish you had received when starting your business? 

IA: Let those clients who don’t align with your values go. It’s not worth it. 

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