January 22, 2020

Women Leaders Who Inspire Action

By  Angela Baker

Sometimes it feels like we may not have enough power to succeed in a male-dominated world. Instead of thinking about giving up your dreams, look for successful women who positively impact our community. Below are just a few – I hope their stories will inspire you to go after your dreams. 

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is a girl from South Side Chicago who became the first African-American First Lady of the United States.

Michelle used each and every opportunity to bring positive changes to society. As a result, she became a role model for girls and women from all over the world. She enlarged the social duties of the First Lady during her husband’s presidential term and pushed four significant initiatives:

  • Let’s Move! A national program designed to solve the problem of childhood obesity through updating child nutrition policies and ensuring access to healthy, affordable food in schools and communities.
  • Let Girls Learn. An initiative aimed at helping girls from all over the world obtain a quality education and reach their full potential.
  • Reach Higher. A nationwide initiative aimed to inspire American students to complete their education past high school in order to build a successful career.
  • Joining Forces. A nationwide initiative aimed to support members, veterans, and their families through wellness, education and employment opportunities.

Michelle Obama showed us that no matter whether you lived in an advantaged or disadvantaged neighborhood, you still can succeed in life through hard work, study and determination.

Lauren Singer

Lauren Singer is an environmental activist, blogger, and young female entrepreneur. Since 2012, she has been living a Zero Waste lifestyle, and has been running her blog Trash is for Tossers to show others that leading a Zero Waste lifestyle is simple, cost-effective, timely and fun.

Lauren has set up Package Free Shop, a chain of physical stores where customers can buy waste-free products, as well as an offline store that ships sustainable items in reused, plastic-free boxes. She also raised $4.5 million from investors like Softmatter VC to produce her own sustainable products. Recently, Lauren has appeared on Forbes’ list 30 Under 30 – Social Entrepreneurs 2020.

Lauren Singer has inspired thousands of people across the globe to join a Zero Waste movement and give up using plastic. This young woman is a leader who shows that if you genuinely believe in your ideas, you can change this world for the better.

Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg is a 16-year-old environmental activist. Her campaign on climate change has gained international recognition, inspiring 4 million people to join the global climate strike on September 20, 2019 – the largest climate demonstration to date.

Even though some journalists have stated that this girl is “just a puppet”, Time magazine has named Greta Thunberg its 2019 Person of the Year. Her fierce speeches, often going viral, helped to draw the public attention to climate change.

“Greta reminds each of us that we shouldn’t sit and wait for the changes to happen. She inspires us to act and to fight for things that we care about,” says Emilia Harris, an environmental activist and writer at Studicus.

Sofia Vergara

Everyone knows Sofia Vergara as one of the sexiest and top-earning actresses in American television. But not many people know that she actively supports Children’s Defense Fund, American Foundation for Equal Rights, Sandy Hook Promise, NALIP, Stand Up To Cancer, THORN, Alzheimer’s Association and lots of other charities and foundations.

Additionally, Sofia created a lingerie brand EBY to raise more funds to empower women out of poverty and into the business through microfinance loans. Ten percent of EBY net sales go to female entrepreneurs who need money to start or grow their own companies. In this way, Sofia Vergara teaches us not only strive for our own success but also help other women to succeed.

Melinda Gates

Melinda Gates is not just a billionaire’s wife. She is a former general manager at Microsoft, founder of Pivotal Ventures, author of The Moment of Lift and co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Melinda is determined to help those who are in need and help to advance equity in the world. That is what makes her one of the greatest female leaders. According to Melinda, leadership is not about achieving personal goals and growing personal wealth. It’s about pursuing noble goals and making a positive impact in the world.

It’s your time to act!

Have you got enough inspiration? Now it’s your time to take the first step toward your dreams!

Do you want to start a blog, launch your business, or create a social program? Don’t wait for the “perfect moment”, do the following things today:

  • Start writing a plan: describe your primary goal and list a few starting steps you can take to achieve it. 
  • Save the document and close it.
  • The next day, open the document again and take a fresh look at your plan. Edit it if necessary.
  • Proofread your document to make sure that it’s perfect in terms of grammar. You may use proofreading tools like TrustMyPaper, Grammarly, or GrabMyEssay.
  • Send the final document to the person who may help you to bring your idea to life (e.g., to the investor, prospective business partner, local authority).
  • Start working on the first objective mentioned in your plan, and then on a second one, the third one, and so on.
  • And voila! One beautiful day, you will accomplish the goals set.

Right at this moment, you are writing your own story of success. So be persistent and keep moving toward your dreams. Get inspired by fantastic women around you, and become the person who inspires others.

Angela Baker is a freelance writer with five years of experience. Currently, she is working at writing services BestEssayEducation and PickTheWriter. Her greatest joy is to craft articles that inspire other women to follow their true calling and accomplish their dreams.

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