Six Ways to Show Your Love this Valentine’s Day

Why hello there, I’m LA Marks, the Chief Poetic Officer (CPO) of Ars Poetica, the world’s only woman-owned poetic agency, and Six Degrees Society asked me to ease your minds and spark your imaginations this Valentine’s Day. Valentines (and Galentines) have been particularly on my mind this year as I’ve just launched my first poetic collaboration with none other than Neela Asaadi of Asaadi Graphics; more on that later but you are going to love it.

Valentine’s Day should be a celebration, so let me make it easy for you with six of my favorite ways to show your love, according to your love languages. Plus I’ll give you a bonus way that I’m certain will speak to every language of loooove. 

No matter which way you decide to show your love, the key is personalization. A successful act of love makes your partner feel seen, valued, and really damn special. 

Words of Affirmation

As the Chief Poetic Officer of Ars Poetica, I have to start with one of my most natural love languages: Words of Affirmation. And here’s a trade secret: everyone is a poet and everyone deserves poetry in their life. Poetry is about putting words to your feelings and cultivating empathy.

So what do I recommend? Write a poem or love letter for your lover. It’s not about being perfectly eloquent, it’s just speaking from the heart. 

Are you more of the silent type, or do you want to go really big with calligraphy, hand typing, illustrations, etc? Why not enlist a poet to do it for you?

Quality Time

This might seem simple: spend time with your love this Valentine’s Day. But thoughtful quality time together can be very profound. Can you set aside a special moment on the14th or the following weekend? 

Can you set aside an entire day to spend with your lover? 

Jobs, kids, pets, friends, hobbies— there are so many things that get in the way of spending uninterrupted time with our loved ones. If your love values time spent together, create that time this Valentine’s Day. Block off as much as you can. You don’t even have to do anything super special. Though I do suggest turning off your phone. True story: my fiance and I have not texted since setting up our first date and I swear it is a magical way of loving.

Thoughtful Gifts

Gifts are probably the most obvious way to show your love, but I suggest taking it to the next level with a personalized gift. This doesn’t mean you need to break the bank and splurge on engraved jewelry.

Ars Poetica + Asaadi Graphics have a brand new line of candles, personalized for each zodiac sign: Astro Candles. We even have a soulmate bundle, allowing you and your partner to each have a candle that corresponds to your sign. You were born among the stars, so celebrate your star-crossed love with some personalized glow. 

Sense of Touch

Now I’m not saying this has to be sexy, but it definitely can be! If touch is an important way that you and your love show your affection, plan a sensory indulgence for your partner. Cuddling, massage, soft blankets, lotions…the world is your cozy oyster. 

Create an indulgent moment of touch for your partner and let them sit back, relax, and bask in all of your sensual delights. Perhaps with one of my favorite CBD-infused oils?

Acts of Service

One of the most overlooked and profound ways to share and show love, acts of service ease the lives of those we love. Surprise your partner with a sparkling clean kitchen and homemade dinner (and make sure to do all the dishes!). Honestly Acts of Service is my personal love language, and when my wizard cleans up for me, I swooooooon.

It can be as romantic as breakfast in bed or as simple as taking over the household chores your partner usually does for the weekend. Show your love by easing their life. 

BONUS: Wonder

Wonder isn’t a technically recognized love language, but it is something I love, and something that many of us don’t get enough of in our day-to-day lives. Think about the word wonderful, to be full of wonder. 

Creating wonder for your partner this Valentine’s Day by playing with perspective. 

Live in a city? Is there somewhere you can go to get a view of the skyline? 

If the night is clear, can you take in the stars? 

Can you fill your apartment with candles or twinkle lights and transform the space into a wonder filled magical paradise, lifted thoroughly out of the everyday functions it usually performs? 

Catapult the ordinary into the extraordinary by finding a moment of awe to share with your love. 

And finally, don’t save the poetry, wonder, and ease for the holiday. Sure, make Valentine’s Day special, but you can do any of these things any time of the year. 

About Neela:

As the head Creative Director of a boutique NYC design studio, I use a holistic approach with clients. We specialize in branding for creative professionals. Our process is collaborative and goes beyond just design. We conceptualize, strategize and execute to ensure your vision comes to life. #AstroCandles speaks to the part of me that is drawn to leading a balanced life of health, wellness, intention and spirituality. As someone who is personally so amazed by Astrology, I was so eager to get started on this collaboration as it showcases each individual as an expert in their field. When initially brainstorming the overall look for this series, the aesthetic immediately came to me. We are so excited about this launch and hope it resonates with you as you kick off your new year!  

About Lisa Ann:

Lisa Ann “LAMARKS” Markuson is the founder of Ars Poetica. With a degree in International Studies from the University of San Francisco and graduate studies in International Communications at American University, Lisa Ann’s first career was in cultural diplomacy. She was the Director of Meridian International’s International Children’s Festival in Washington, DC in 2012, but realized through her work with artists that she herself was, in fact, really an artist too. She moved to New York City to start down a new path of art and entrepreneurship.

Now, with 10 years of experience as a freelancer, indie event producer, journalist, curator, social media executive, yoga teacher, certified tour guide, and CEO, her inclusive and sustainable business now celebrates the multitalented nature of her artists through her poetic agency, Ars Poetica. Her dream? To fulfill the potential that poetry has to enrich every type of experience, on and off the page. And bring language to life.

Through her work, Lisa Ann has produced, performed, and curated events for The Smithsonian, The New York Times, The Chilean Embassy, Macy’s, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Bowery Poetry Club, Bloomberg, Women’s Wear Daily, The New School, The City of Sacramento, USC’s Pacific-Asia Museum, and countless more. Her work has been noted and celebrated in NYT, CNN, NHK, Fast Company, Cosmopolitan, Bust Magazine, Bustle, and dozens of indie blogs and media outlets.


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