March 5, 2020

We Found A Protein Bar That Tastes Good: Meet Dr. Adrienne Youdim, Internist and Founder of Dehl Nutrition

By Emily Merrell

Dr. Adrienne Youdim walked into a LA event we hosted and immediately I thought, “I want to be this woman.” She was dressed in such a chic way, her hair and makeup was immaculate and her demeanor was warm and inviting. As luck would have it, I was matched with her! I was quickly impressed by her credentials as an internist passionate about health and nutrition. She’s someone that’s clearly driven to help her patients naturally before recommending surgery or medications. Yet, the true highlight of our conversation was when she lit up like a Christmas tree when she talked about her newest project, Dehl Nutrition. Dehl is a collection of DELICIOUS protein bars and powder. Learn how this multi-passionate woman is changing the world and industry with products that taste good and are good for you. 

SDS: You’re passionate about helping individuals with weight loss and nutrition through a holistic, mind-body approach. Did you always know you wanted to be in nutrition? If not, what was your “aha” moment? 

SDS: As a super accomplished and respected doctor, teacher, speaker and thought leader, you recently added a new accomplishment to your list! Tell us about Dehl Nutrition and what you saw was missing in the market.

DR. ADRIENNE YOUDIM: I had no idea that I wanted to practice nutrition! I was actually very excited by hospital medicine and thought I would do the most good by helping the really sick. But after I got pregnant with my first child, I realized that I did not want to pursue that path. Prevention was more important in overall health than reacting to illness. I also realized that I needed a way to maintain a lifestyle that preserved my own health and desires – balancing my work and passion to help others, as well as be a present mother and caretaker to my family.  

Founder of Dehl Nutrition, Dr. Adrienne Youdim. Courtesy of Dr. Adrienne Youdim.

AY: Working in the field of nutrition and weight loss for over a decade, one thing has become clear to me – people are in need of good, clean nutrition on the go. But when I wanted to advise my patients of products, there was nothing I could vouch for in good conscience. I was looking for a clean product that’s high in protein, low in calories, with a clean ingredient list consisting of functional nutrients. It did not exist, so I made it!

SDS: I’ve had two Dehlbars, your signature product, and I have to say I was blown away. I personally am not a bar person but changed my tune once I tried yours. In particular I loved your Cacao-Ashwagandha. Who are these bars intended for and where can we get our hands on them? 

AY: These bars are intentionally created to be low enough in calories to serve as a snack but high enough in protein to satisfy as a meal. They are perfect for breakfast on the run (studies show consuming a high protein breakfast will curb hunger hormones all day). They are also a perfect afternoon snack and a great alternative to the handful of nuts or granola bars we gravitate to during our midday crash. These bars also have added functional ingredients like ashwagandha which has mood enhancing and cognitive properties that offer an additional boost to health and wellbeing. 

They’re currently sold on our site Dehl Nutrition, the code DehlSix will offer an additional discount for this tribe!

SDS: In addition to the bars, you also have a line of protein and supplements. For someone just starting out on their fitness journey, what is the most important supplement to add to your diet? 

AY: We currently have 13 products available at Dehl Nutrition, each meticulously curated to maximize health and wellbeing. My personal favorite is our whey protein which I use daily in addition to the bars to get in my protein needs after a workout or when life doesn’t allow me the time to meal prep. I often add the beet booster or turmeric powder for extra nutrients. I also love the green tea extract for energy and metabolism boost, plus ashwagandha tablets for mood.

SDS: Knowing what you know now about health and wellness, what are your thoughts on all of these diets from Keto to paleo and beyond? Do you believe in dieting? If so, is there one you like more than others?

AY: I believe in meeting people where they are and helping them reach their goals. I don’t adhere to a specific diet like paleo and I don’t think Keto is healthy in the long-run although it can be a short-term tool for weight loss. I don’t like the term “diet” to mean weight loss, I like it to mean nutrition. I believe in a balanced diet and making it matter! If you are going to indulge, then really enjoy that indulgence as an occasion or a celebration. But in our day-to-day lives, we have to make nutrition matter in a different way and take joy in using food to nourish ourselves.

SDS: Lastly, what are your goals for your new products and how can we learn more about your offerings? 

AY: I am so happy to be offering this line of functional nutritional products. They have been in mind for years and I have finally come out with a product that supports my mission and passion to promote health and wellness – mind, body and soul – as the ancient word “dehl” represents. My first love is my medical practice and meeting with people one-on-one, helping devise plans that educate and empower them to reach their health and weight loss goals. People can learn more about me at and and follow me on Instagram @dradrienneyoudim and @dehlnutrition

Join Six Degrees Society LA for a fireside chat with Dr. Adrienne Youdim on Tuesday, March 10. We’ll discuss her evolution from academic medicine to private practice, promoting a wholehearted approach to wellness and ultimately curating her own line of supplements and functional protein bars. Reserve your spot here

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