The Importance of loving yourself and your dating life with Lily Womble

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From a balloon hat maker to a matchmaker to a successful dating coach, Lily Womble has made a name for herself by empowering women and their dating life. On today’s ‘The Sixth Degree’ podcast with Emily Merrell, we have special guest Lily Womble whose goal is helping single women create fulfilling lifestyles and relationships around the country. As a dating coach, her journey is set to helping people gain self-confidence and build strong dating connections.


  • How to build a successful dating relationship that matches your needs
  • The importance of women seeking therapy for a better future relationship
  • The formula of learning yourself and knowing what you want out of your relationship 
  • How to build connections and a foundation during the coronavirus pandemic 
  • Exercising self-love to gain more confidence in yourself and dating lifestyle
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