April 8, 2020

Get Linked-In to Social Media for Networking Success

Whether you are a brand new small business owner or you have been around for a few years, you are likely already aware of the importance of an online presence for your business. More specifically, your business needs a digital presence. Pew Research revealed that 77% of polled adults are online every day and almost 80% of adults in the US visit social sites. Additionally, almost 25% of that 77% conduct business and shop online regularly. Marketing experts are already predicting that businesses will invest almost 65% of their marketing budget to digital marketing in 2020. Social media platforms have become increasingly important in the current society; part of successfully networking for your business must include navigating various social platforms. 

Link Up with LinkedIn

Whether you are a small business owner or a business professional looking to grow your career, part of your network strategy must include a social media strategy. and for entrepreneurs and career professionals, one of the most popular networking sites is still LinkedIn. Although it may not seem like a traditional social networking site, LinkedIn is probably one of the best avenues for networking with other like-minded professionals. With over 660 million subscribers, this platform is far from fading out. Think of LinkedIn has an online phone book/database of business professionals and potential cohorts in the business world. 

Creating a Solid Social Media Strategy

You’ve already decided that you need to traverse these platforms in order to enhance your business’s networking potential. Whether you are a social media guru or a total fish out of water, using these platforms for business is very different from using your personal accounts. 

One important piece of advice is to stick with social media and not give up too quickly. Most marketing experts will tell you that it takes anywhere from eight months to more than a year to see those great results. You may want to focus on one or two sides in the beginning until you are more comfortable with using social media for networking. 

Another important rule for your social media strategy needs to be authenticity. Most people can tell when another person is trying to schmooze them. This angle can end up turning people away from your business.

The Benefits of Social Media for Business

If the idea of networking through social media platforms seems daunting, there are benefits to networking with it for your business. The first and most obvious benefit is that your potential customer base suddenly widens to include everyone. Even if you already conduct business online, having a social media presence only enhances the potential of contacts for your company. Social media can also help you move up in organic search rankings. Networking on social media can even lead to unofficial partnerships with popular influencers and other well-connected users. Social media platforms offer the potential of more exposure for your business. More exposure can lead to more website traffic, which can lead to increased sales.

Summing up

Any networking strategy for your business or your career must include expanding into social media sites. If you are new, you should begin with Facebook and Linkedin. Stay committed and don’t throw in the towel too quickly. Remember that networking is more about building relationships, so be genuine and personable with potential contacts. Using these platforms for your business can have great benefits—increased awareness of your brand, increased website traffic, and eventually increased sales. Now, let’s get connecting!

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