Six Degrees Society Blooming a Business with Annie Heath

Blooming a Business with Annie Heath

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On today’s ‘The Sixth Degree’ with Emily Merrell we talk with special guest Annie Heath. Annie started her professional journey as a young blogger with a deep desire to share her thoughts. A few years later, she found the strength to pursue what really made her happy or, as she calls it, to “chase the flower feeling” and founded Ida Blooms, her flower design company that offers a wide variety of services. From workshops to DIY kits, she has found in her business a way to express herself and let her clients discover in flowers a tool for many things, including mental health.  


  • Why It’s important to be open and honest about mental health
  • You need to “chase the flower feeling”, to go after what motivates you
  • Finding your passion and making a business out of it
  • How working with crafts can help you fight emotional and mental health issues
  • The importance of having your own workspace

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