The Journey of Cooking your Dreams with Julia Chebotar

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In today’s podcast, we are joined by Julia Chebotar, health and wellness consultant. Julia grew up in the cooking world and after college started working in her family’s restaurant. Some years later, inspired by Emily’s message of empowerment, she decided to take a leap by starting her career as a private chef and health coach where she found her true passion. Now, with more than four years of experience and a lot of interesting stories (including a couple that involve celebrities) she has found her own style and grown her own business.


  • Julia’s journey on figuring out her career and ultimately leaving her family business to become a private chef. 
  • How to use networking as a life-changing opportunity for self-awareness, and find your path. 
  • How having a strong community to rely on can keep you grounded.
  • The importance of understanding and exploring your talents. 
  •  Find the right time to be creative. 

If you want to know more about Julia, you can visit her website or follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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