Go From Conventional to Cult-Status with Aggie Burnett

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On today’s episode we have Aggie Burnett—beauty PR and brand strategist—as a guest. Aggie is the founder of AB Creative and is on a mission to help the underdogs get noticed in a sea of look-alike brands. Before founding AB Creative, she developed her own niche fragrance company and was a beauty assistant at Glamour

  • How Aggie developed her own fragrance company 
  • Why taking chances is key to fully developing your potential  
  • The importance of allowing yourself to fail and begin again
  • Aggie’s journey as an entrepreneur, from testing oils in her tiny apartment to managing her own business and selling her products in Sephora

You can learn more about Aggie by visiting her website or following her on Instagram

Interested in learning more about creating the perfect pitch? Grab Aggie’s free pitch kit

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