June 5, 2020

Five Things To Learn During A Pandemic

By Emily Merrell 

Since we’ve been “sheltering in place” for more than two months, I’ve felt overjoyed by this extra time to learn everything – while also working on tasks and projects that have fallen to the bottom of my priority list like writing! If you’ve been struggling with figuring out how to spend your time, check out my round-up of cool things to work on during quarantine.

Be Your Own Publicist: Hiring a PR agency is so 2019! This year you can learn how to become your own publicist and pitch your articles and big accomplishments without dropping $$$. We’re obsessed with The PRBAR and their signature program Pop, Clink, Fizz


Launch a Podcast: You no longer have excuses of “I don’t have the time!” to launch a podcast. If you need resources, Christine O’Donnell, founder of Bright Sighted, has a 3 month course that takes you through all the steps of launching a successful podcast (including monetization). 


Create Lasting Habits: Want to start waking up and working out? How about grabbing for a book instead of your phone? Kelley Hoag, founder of Root to Rise Health, is launching a 5-week course called Rooted to help you do just that. 


Fine Tune Your Cooking Skills: You’ll have no excuses for why you could never master your knife skills with these virtual cooking classes. Chopped Winner, Chef Julia Chebotar, will help you become a cooking ninja. You’ll be comfortable hosting parties in no time! 


Learn All About Wine With The Pros: Meet winemakers, learn about different wine varietals and freshen up your wine knowledge with Emily Martin of JetSetting Fashionista. Her instagram lives feature fabulous wineries across the country. 


Let me know what else you’re learning during this time! Are you part of the cult of sourdough? Are you working out over time? Have you learned a new language? Coded a new website? Email us to let us know. 

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