Travel a Lot, Stay Fit and Love with Shelby Albo

Travel a Lot, Stay Fit and Love with Shelby Albo

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Knowing how to combine what you love is key. Today on The Sixth Degree podcast with Emily Merrell we have Shelby Albo as our guest. Destination specialist and fitness expert, Shelby is fortunate enough to have not one, but two big passions in life: fitness and traveling. After giving birth to her first son, Shelby decided that she was ready for the next challenge and now inspires others to stay active during traveling – or quarantined. 



  • Shelby’s journey to becoming a destination specialist.  
  • The importance of reaching out to the right people when you need help.
  • The secret formula to how Shelby has found a way to incorporate her son into her daily workouts. 
  • The trick into becoming the best version of yourself by prioritizing what really matters.
  • Shelby’s view on the way that the COVID-19 will impact tourism. 
  • The importance of moving your body and staying active during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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