An Unedited Life with Mercey Livingston

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Mercey Livingston is a Mississippi girl who moved to New York and used the city as her mentor. She’s written for Well+Good, Women’s Health, and Glamour to name a few. Now she’s become a full-time freelance writer. With great charisma and energy, she uses her platform, along with her new podcast “Wellness United,” to talk about and promote a healthier lifestyle for everyone.



  • The importance of reaching out and asking around in order to build a network
  • Mercey’s experience working at Well+Good
  • Mercey’s journey working in the editorial business
  • Mercey’s working burn-out, regrouping and finding a balance as a freelancer
  • Mercy’s experience with anxiety. Contracting COVID, and how it affected her

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You can learn more about Mercey on her website and Instagram. Also, you can get in touch with Mercey through her LinkedIn

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