July 1, 2020

Using The Law of Attraction To Achieve Your True Goals

By Cheri Jones

Every once in a while, something comes along that divides people into those that are for it and those that just don’t get it. Think vegemite, do you love it or hate it? “Law of Attraction” became one of those controversial things in 2006, when a book called The Secret hit bookstores worldwide.

In the years that followed, millions of people have wholeheartedly embraced the practice of manifestation. Oprah even teaches others about the Law of Attraction and believes “The way you think creates reality for yourself.” Other celebrities who equate their successes to the Law of Attraction include Lady Gaga, Will Smith and Olympic gold medalists Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor.

For anyone who is skeptical about (or new to) the Law of Attraction, let me say this: what have you got to lose?

Writer Cheri Jones. Courtesy of Cheri Jones.

What Exactly Is The Law Of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is a belief that the negative and positive thoughts we have bring corresponding negative and positive experiences into our lives. Essentially, we attract what we put out into the universe. For some, that will sound like self-help nonsense – they prefer to avoid and that’s fair enough. For everyone else, read on to learn more about how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest the life you really desire.

What Can You Use The Law Of Attraction For?

There are no limits. If you want something and your desire is strong, then the Law of Attraction will bring you absolutely anything. Understand though that there are steps to take and daily practices that make the practice work better.

How To Use The Law of Attraction

  1. Believe In What You Desire

Without a doubt, any one of us could reel off a list right now of what we desire. However, when you put a little more thought into it and dig right down, you will discover what the real dream is. Once you establish what that is, you need to fully and truly believe that it is possible for you to have it in your life.

  1. Visualization

This is very much a necessary daily practice. During meditation, or while you enjoy a peaceful coffee break, visualize yourself in the life that you desire. Build your visualization brick by brick, imagine every element from how you will feel to what the air around you feels like. There are no limits to your visualization practice and you can add in as much detail as you like. “Creating a visualization board is a profoundly powerful technique used by so many successful people,” says Scott Wright, a lifestyle blogger at Draftbeyond and LastMinuteWriting. “It doesn’t have to be a work of art, it just has to make sense to you. Enjoy the process and get creative”.

  1. Affirmations

You may be familiar with affirmations from a mindfulness practice you’ve done. With the Law of Attraction, affirmations can be written or spoken. Your affirmations will always start with ‘I am’. They should be simple, filled with emotion and repeated daily. Examples of affirmations for your Law of Attraction practice might be:

“I am confident that I am creating the life I truly desire.”

“I am inspired to create what I desire.”

“I am receiving positivity in the form that I create.”

  1. Focus

When we wish to achieve any goal in life, focus is a key element of our success. The Law of Attraction is no different and requires a focus of your energy to manifest. However, your focus should be on all things positive in your life, including the positive things you are attracting. 

“What this looks like in practice is a gratitude habit. Before you nod off at night and when you wake in the morning, introduce a gratitude ritual,” says Sidney Taylor, a journalist at Writinity and Researchpapersuk. This can be done verbally or internally. Like your affirmations, it should start with “I am.” For example, “I am grateful for the home I live in” or “‘I am grateful for the people I love.” Try to build your practice up to 5 minutes each time.

  1. Banish Doubt

We all have self-doubt. It is a side effect of the society we live in, or perhaps it is a human weakness. Either way, you must learn to banish any self doubts that you have. You may be familiar with self-talk. The idea here is similar. To banish doubt of your ability, worthiness, strength and so on, you must meet the doubt head on and counteract with a positive affirmation. For example, if you secretly doubt that you will never achieve your goal of starting a business or overcoming a fear, then every time that doubt comes to mind tell yourself, “I am going to start my business.” Or try, “I am overcoming my fears.” With time and consistency, your doubts will disappear.

For anyone new to the Law of Attraction, start small. Think of something relatively simple that you would like to attract into your life. In The Secret, an example of this was the desire of finding a parking spot at a busy mall. Whatever you decide on, make this your desire and focus to practice with until the Law of Attraction elements feel natural to you. Once you are happy with your practice, you can build it up to attract your real desires.

Cheri S. Jones is an aspiring entrepreneur and business writer at Dissertation Writing Services UK andGumessays.com. She has been involved in many daring business projects and managed to find success.

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