From Invisible to Visible with Harper Spero

From Invisible to Visible with Harper Spero

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Some people can’t hold onto a job for too long because they feel like it just isn’t a fit for them and they know that they need to find something more fulfilling. This is exactly what happened to Harper Spero, today’s guest, for 10 years until she discovered she was truly passionate about coaching. Nowadays, she is a business coach for individuals who are 0-5 years into launching their business, and she is the host of the Made Visible podcast, which shines a light on invisible illnesses.


  • Harper explains how she got into the entrepreneurial world after feeling unfulfilled for 10 years working at 8 different jobs 
  • Harper gets deep into her journey and describes how her priorities in life changed after being diagnosed with a cyst on her right lung 
  • How Harper realized that she needed to give a voice to those who are living with or are affected by invisible illnesses, like herself, and then launched the Made Visible Podcast
  • Harper brings optimism into this pandemic context: she thinks that some people are valuing their own passions and making the business they have always wanted to create
  • Harper describes what brings her joy and recharges her energies to serve others in the best way possible
  • Harper explains what success means to her and how that meaning has changed throughout the years because of her life experiences

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You can learn more about Harper by visiting her website and following her on Instagram. Also, get to know 10 Tips for Navigating Small Business During the COVID-19 Pandemic here

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