What is Clean Beauty and how to transform your life with Katie Weltz

What is Clean Beauty and how to transform your life with Katie Weltz

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In order to start living a sustainable life, small steps can go a long way. Today’s guest, Katie Weltz, is currently working as a Senior Marketing Manager at Native, a brand that offers personal care products that are cruelty free and with no harming ingredients such as aluminum, parabens, and sulfates. Its most popular products include plastic-free deodorants, body washes, soap bars and even toothpaste! By incorporating only one of these products into your life, you are making a big difference for the world and your own body.


  • Katie explains what her role is at Native and how this company is working towards offering a wide array of clean and sustainable products.
  • What sustainability means for Katie and how Native is being part of a circular economy that brings less harm to the environment. 
  • Katie explains the hardships that composting brings with it, and how there are many challenges that Native has yet to overcome.
  • Reducing plastic waste is one of the goals of Native and Katie recommends some ways to reduce its use by changing little habits in your life. 
  • Katie describes how the natural components of Native deodorants actually help our body functions (such as sweating) work better instead of blocking them with harmful ingredients.
  • Katie recommends some tips and tricks when switching from antiperspirants to deodorants in order to make this sustainable transition way easier. 
  • What the Clean Beauty Movement is, and how some brands are trying to reduce its impact on the world by changing their product ingredients and components.
  • Native actually offers a wide array of scents in their products to match every mood of your day. Want to have a try? Use the coupon code “SDS15” in order to get 15% OFF your first purchase on the website. Only available for The Six Degree Society audience! Tell us in the comments which scent was your favorite!
  • The past event, Trash Talk, starts an intimate conversation on living a greener life featuring Native. Check it out here!

If you want to learn more about Katie, you can visit her LinkedIn or follow her on Instagram

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