July 30, 2020

How to Make Aluminum Free Deodorant Work For You

By Katie Weltz

Transitioning to a natural deodorant can be daunting. No one wants to smell bad or sweat through their favorite work top. As a long time brand tester and deodorant pundit, I’m here to give you all the tips and tricks to make your transition to natural deodorant as smooth and stink free as possible. 

Native Deodorant Assortment. Courtesy of Native.

First, let’s define the terms. Antiperspirants use aluminum to plug your sweat glands keeping you dry and stink free. Fun fact: 90% of the women’s “deodorant” aisle is made up of antiperspirants. Deodorants work with your body to eliminate odor causing bacteria, while still allowing your pits to sweat and breathe. At Native, we’re PRO-perspiration, ANTI-feeling wet. This means we recognize that our body is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do (sweat, which allows you to flush toxins from your system), but at the same time we want you to feel comfortable and confident throughout the day. 

Now, let’s talk about making the switch. You may have heard of the “detox”, and it might be why you’ve been skeptical to try an aluminum free deodorant. Wondering what’s happening under there? 

Once you stop applying aluminum to your pits, your body finally has a chance to flush (aka sweat) it all out. This means the bacteria that has built up unchecked in your underarm can feast on itself. The byproduct of that feasting is BO. During this transition, you may experience more odor and sweat than what you’re used to. You might question whether letting go of aluminum is worth it, but don’t feel discouraged! Getting used to something new and healthy can take time – and your deodorant is no exception to the rule!

Here are my tricks for ditching the funk! 

Tip  #1: Try using a direct acid to disrupt the bacteria. If you use a facial toner with glycolic acid (that didn’t cost you an arm and a leg), apply some to a facial pad and wipe it all over your pits. 

Tip #2: Help your body flush your sweat glands by applying an underarm mask. Look for something that contains bentonite since this is a mineral that specifically helps pull the aluminum. When you do these two together, you can help limit the overproduction of sweat and the bacterial imbalance that causes odor. 

Tip #3: The detox period can last two weeks, four weeks, or you can seamlessly transition in a single day. Every body is different, so stick with your transition. For best results I also recommend using the deodorant daily and always applying to clean, towel dried skin. Towel drying is another way to remove oils and bacteria from skin, because bacteria = odor. 

Lavender & Rose. Courtesy of Native.


For more tips and tricks follow @native on instagram and check out our blog, The Swipe. Cheers to feeling and smelling fresh!

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