Redefining the Magic of Motherhood and Alternative Education with Stephanie Trzaska

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Entering motherhood and  thinking about the education of your child can be a stressful and overwhelming process. Luckily, today’s guest, Stephanie Trzaska  is passionate about helping children and their families find joy, peace, and connection. This is why she created her own company called Little Scraps of Magic, a nurturing digital community which provides a space for moms to chat, listen to experts, and seek answers to their questions without feeling judged. What’s more, Stephanie has an MA in Montessori Education and nearly a decade of experience as a Montessori teacher, which makes her an expert in finding out what truly motivates children when learning new skills.


  • Stephanie explains how her expectations about motherhood were blown away once her son was born, and how the reality about being a mom turned out to be so much better than what she had expected. 
  • How her own company, Little Scraps of Magic, started out as a simple Instagram account where pictures of her son were posted, and then it evolved into a strong digital community for mamas and moms-to-be.
  • Stephanie describes her journey to become a Montessori teacher and explains how this alternative education is different from the traditional one.
  • Recommendations on how to implement chores in the house with a Montessori approach.
  • Stephanie, as a resourceful mom, encourages parents to use cloth diapers for their babies since it’s not that scary to try out and it’s truly beneficial for the environment (and for the pocket!)

You can learn more about Stephanie, by visiting her website of Little Scraps of Magic, or you can follow  her on Instagram.

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