August 12, 2020

Responsible Tourism: How Anina Monteforte Is Rebuilding Tourism For A Better World

By Farhana Hussain and Anina Monteforte

Looking into 2021, where have you dreamed of going? How about booking a memorable trip with adventure and meaningful impact? The World Within Us has trips you’re looking for – it’s transforming travel into immersive and impactful experiences benefiting travelers, local communities and the world!

Anina Monteforte. Courtesy of The World Within Us.

Anina Monteforte is a world traveler, born in New York City of Mexican, Cuban, and Italian descent. Since 2015, she has visited 43 countries across five continents, including Egypt, Myanmar, Tanzania, the Philippines, Brazil, Greece and more.

Anina is not only a traveler but also an eager learner, strengthening her International Development expertise by obtaining her masters at NYU. Through her travels, she discovered the opportunity to combine sustainable development and tourism for a better world.

Anina merged these sectors to create impactful experiences. She seeks to empower the next generation of travelers through The World Within Us, the first international travel company promoting sustainable and responsible tourism. All trips are directly aligned with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Anina also works on the Purpose & Brand Experience team at SAP, working closely with partners like the UN, Female Quotient and Global Citizen. She’s a strong advocate for gender equality and champion for SDGs, which she includes into all facets of her life including international travels, career, and The World Within Us. 

You may end up here next year! Courtesy of The World Within Us.


The World Within Us is a travel company with changemaking at heart! The organization helps travelers learn about world cultures, landmarks, traditions and tackle global issues through the lens of the SDGs. They have five upcoming travel destinations for 2021:

  1. Tanzania – Experience Tanzania’s infinite beauty and view immaculate wildlife and landscapes of the Serengeti, Tarangire National Park and West Kilimanjaro. 
  2. Egypt – Gaze at The Great Pyramids of Giza, sail the Red Sea and celebrate International Women’s Day with Ashoka and Entreprenelle to support SDG 5: Gender Equality. 
  3. Nepal – Watch the sunrise over the Pokhara mountains, white-water raft between the Himalayas and see colorful flags over Boudhanath temple.
  4. Indonesia – Embrace the majestic aura of the Ubud mountains and Seminyak, enjoy the beach paradise of Bali and listen to indigineous storytellers with Mother Jungle. 
  5. Brazil – Take in the vibrant energy of Rio de Janeiro, samba dance at night, view breathtaking Iguazu Falls and help favela communities with Catalytic Communities. 


Responsible travel combines environmental conservation and cultural awareness. Not only is it an excellent way to provide local employment opportunities in tourism, it also develops greater intercultural awareness and community building among travelers and the local community. Travelers joining The World Within Us have the opportunity to learn more about other cultures and traditions. They make meaningful connections with local people through contributing to sustainability initiatives (built by grassroots nonprofit partners). Sustainable and responsible tourism brings us closer to achieving the 17 SDGs by 2030, giving travelers the chance to take part in impactful projects.

  1. Economic Benefits: Responsible tourism is a great opportunity for addressing the current global economic hardships that the tourism industry has faced! Responsible tourism not only provides local employment but serves as the gateway to reinvest back into local community efforts such as medical relief, education and entrepreneurship.  Many developing countries depend on tourism; restarting tourism with intentional sustainable impact creates major long lasting economic benefits and development.
  2. Cultural Awareness: Traveling on an impact-driven agenda means immersing yourself in culture and learning through eyes of local leaders! Responsible tourism gives travelers the opportunity to engage in community-based activities that allow travelers to embrace their customs, cuisine and traditions. Travelers also get to expand their knowledge as global citizens creating stronger intercultural communication.
  3. Reduce Carbon Footprint: Sustainable travel is also environmentally friendly, which our world needs! Whether traveling on planes, taking an Uber, or commuting on public transportation – carbon emissions are always emitted. In order to reduce these harmful emissions, it’s important to utilize carbon offsetting. Carbon offset credits reinvest back into our atmosphere to reduce carbon footprint.
  4. Achieving The SDGs: The SDGs address the 17 global goals our world faces, which includes climate change, hunger, education and gender inequality. There’s no better way to give everyday citizens the chance to accelerate sustainability and equality than by creating travel experiences that elevate local economies and are meaningful. 

For anyone desiring to travel in impactful ways in 2021, join The World Within Us on an upcoming trip! They welcome all travelers, whether you’re an experienced global backpacker or just starting your first immersive trip abroad. Join them in Tanzania, Egypt, Nepal, Indonesia, or Brazil in 2021. The perfect adventure awaits you!

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