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Unlocking your Subconsciousness with Traveling Hypnotist with Nicole Hernandez

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Have you ever thought about doing a hypnotherapy session in order to heal your anxiety or stress? If not, today’s guest, Nicole Hernandez, is here to tell you all about this kind of healing! Nicole is a NYC-based double-certified hypnotist who uses a special kind of modality which aims to get you unstuck and simply de-hypnotize you from the heavy, unconscious burdens you’ve been carrying.


  • Nicole’s journey from working 15 years in the world of marketing and PR in the hospitality industry to becoming a hypnotist.
  • How hypnosis healed Nicole’s stressed mind and body, and then became her life’s mission.
  • Nicole explains what hypnosis is and describes the difference between stage hypnosis and transformative hypnosis: this last one is what actually helps you create a change within your life.
  • The importance of understanding how vast the unconscious mind is and how all of our beliefs are inside that automatic pattern.
  • Nicole explains why hypnosis can actually help with some health issues such as anxiety, stress, and even food allergies!

To learn more about Nicole, you can visit her webpage or follow her on Instagram

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