September 2, 2020

The 8 Most Popular & Effective Uses of Video Marketing

By Katherine Rundell

Video is both the present and future of digital marketing – more and more companies are betting on it and including video marketing on social networks.  Video marketing is the use of videos within a digital strategy to advertise, position, promote and sell a brand, company, product or service. It adds value since it’s easy, fun and fast to consume! It also serves as a stepping stone to accelerate achievements of objectives. 

Here are the top 8 most effective uses of video marketing:

  1. How-to Videos

“This type of video explains the use of your product and promotes the idea of ‘easy-to-use’ in order to create increasing levels of customer satisfaction”, says marketer Sheryl B. Zavala from Assignment Writers and Essay Services. They create fun and easy instructional videos, which are usually sought by people already in the industry.

  1. TV Commercials

Television is still massive when it comes to getting a message across to the masses. People want content that’s as easy to digest as possible. They don’t have time to waste, so they just want you to tell them what they need to know.

  1. Explainer Animation Videos

An animated explainer video is usually a short, animated video, designed specifically with the intention of explaining an idea, product or service in a straightforward and captivating way. They come in all genres, utilizing comedy or drama depending on the theme. That means there’s a wide variety of design options and emotional tactics to communicate the message of your business. 

  1. Product Videos

These videos are usually short and tell a story. A product explainer video is to increase relatability between your brand and your customer. Aim to make a video that cuts out at 30 seconds — especially for the sake of sharing on social media. Your video needs to be branded. It needs to put your product or service in context. That often means it needs to be shown in use and demonstrate why the customer can’t resist it.

  1. Corporate Videos

Through using corporate marketing videos, corporations can now attract potential customers and clients, while also keeping customers engaged with appealing visuals and informative audio. Companies are quickly integrating videos into their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. If you are planning to develop a video, a good start is to develop a brief of what the tone and style should be. 

  1. App Videos

Visually appealing content has become mandatory in order to keep users glued to the page. “The marketing experts of social media believe videos to be one of the best mediums to enhance your business and check out your business growth”, says blogger Genevive J. Upshaw from Bestbritishessays and Ukservicesreviews. The video marketing app is the best thing to have happened in recent times.

  1. Website Videos

Attract and engage new customers across major social and display channels through the powerful synergy of contextual data and video. Create hyper localized, in-the-moment social videos using audience data such as location, gender, age and interests.

  1. Testimonial Videos

We know that people trust the opinion of other people, and buying decisions are  often influenced by online reviews. A case study film provides a powerful personal recommendation from one of your existing customers. Demonstrate the benefits of your product, don’t just state them. The aim is to create confidence and trust, by demonstrating your product and your proven track record.

Videos are shareable, go viral more easily than other content, generate trust, give credibility and visibility, arouse interest, provide better positioning, increase the duration of visits, increase conversion rates, humanize the company and encourage interaction. We spend a lot of time online – so there’s many opportunities for audiences to view video marketing!

Marketing Strategist Katherine Rundell. Courtesy of Katherine Rundell.

Katherine Rundell is a young, responsible marketing strategist at OXEssays and Big Assignments. Her main function in a company’s marketing team is to create a fully functional website that accurately portrays the company’s product. Katherine lays out this information throughout a series of marketing proposals. You can access her works at Essay Writing Services.

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