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The Truth About Launching your Business and Living your Passion with Monica Monfre

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We can all agree that launching your business on social media can be quite a challenge. Whether you’re going live or creating IG stories, it’s tough to identify the key ingredients for engaging and creating a solid social community. Today’s guest, Monica Monfre, a multi-passionate side hustler, is here to clarify our minds by sharing the secrets on how social media can be an easy-peasy working ally to reflect your authenticity and keeping your audience at the edge of their cellphones. As if that wasn’t enough, she’ll also offer her expertise on course launching and development. 


  • Monica explains her 30-minutes-a-day plan to keep active on social media networks. 
  • Monica shares the concept of “Social Media Buckets” – which are the sixth of five topics to talk about in social media to create interesting and authentic-self-related content.
  • The benefits of going live on social media: As we are more authentic on camera, and willing to share who we are, the more engagement and retribution we receive from our audiences. 
  • Monica recommends scheduling and giving previous notice of your live sessions as showing up for an audience consistently will translate to a consistent and present audience behavior.
  • How Facebook Lives allows users to save a live-video to be replayed later on. Monica explains that through this feature you can do a watch party.
  • Monica answers the misconceptions that people typically have about course creation. 
  • Monica reveals that it’s strategic and beneficial to sell your course before you’ve even built your course.
  • All courses should have a clear end result and Monica explains that as the ones responsible for giving a course we should lead our audience to walk through the steps to get there.

To access Monica’s coaching and social media strategic services, go and visit her website or follow her on instagram.

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