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How to Successfully Build a Marriage Between a Brand and a Partner with Sally Rogers

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Can partnerships build the foundations of your business? Sally Rogers, Founder & CEO of Parsnip, tells us everything about her path as an entrepreneur before and after incorporating an associate to her project. With a strong and diverse background, she was able to learn from every experience she had and used that knowledge to define the type of company she wanted to build. Sally explains how after testing her potential market, she was able to find a need that would give value to the audience. How did she succeed? Let’s check it out!


  • Major advantages of networking for entrepreneurs. How connecting with people from all over the map can help you define your business strategy
  • The turning points to overcome the “first year syndrome” when you design your project, after having basic reality checks. The way to define what type of company you want to build and the process to develop your strengths 
  • The key of being a “student of experiences” and how that can transform you, turning you from having zero experience to being able to identify a market need where you can provide value to your audience
  • Why building a partnership can help you save money. The convenience of using networking tools for finding a cofounder who can encourage the service you are willing to provide
  • The perks of being involved in the latest digital spaces. How you can benefit from being active within the social media mechanisms

To learn more about Sally’s company, visit her website!

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