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A Conversation to Pivot your Career and Find the Confidence to Get your Dream Job with Serena Johnson

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Have you finally built enough courage and  left that job that did not make you happy but you don’t know what to do next?  Today’s guest, Serena Johnson, can help with that! Serena is a career coach who has her own business called “Get me Out of This Job”. Pretty self-explanatory, right? Being the queen of the career pivot herself, and with her true passion for  professional development, Serena’s goal is to help people who don’t know how to leave their jobs or help them what to do next once they’ve left that life which did not make them happy. 


  • Serena explains how she discovered her true passion for career coaching, after studying to become an opera singer and after working for 6 years in fundraising.
  • Most of Serena’s clients feel overwhelmed and unhappy with their current jobs and they feel as if they’re missing something which she helps them find.
  • The importance of not erasing your past experience just because you decide to make a career pivot. Actually, looking back at your past can help you to strengthen your transferable skills. 
  • Stopping and reflecting on what you truly want your career to look like is key in order to find the right job for you.
  • Serena believes that because of the pandemic, our mentality towards working at home has changed as well as some hiring processes which have now pivoted into an online mode.
  • Serena details some tips for excelling and having the power in a job interview: making it feel like a one-to-one conversation with the interviewer is key.
  • Passion is not developed from a sudden “spark”: Serena believes that  it’s more of an interest that is thoroughly cultivated over time.

To learn more about Serena and her business, follow her on Instagram or visit her website

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