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The Visual Side of Being a Solo-entrepreneur with Diana Davis

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When searching for what truly impassions us, we may feel at a loss… or, our true passion could be right in front of our own faces and we don’t even notice! For today’s guest, Diana Davis, her true passion grew out of a hobby that she had as a young girl: taking pictures with her camera. Nowadays, Diana is a photographer, graphic designer, and business coach  who works with brands and entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space. As an entrepreneur, Diana understands her clients’ unique needs and she creates vibrant photos through an inspirational and fearless process.


  • Diana’s journey from growing up in a small ranch in Colorado, to becoming the successful entrepreneur and professional photographer she is today in New York City.
  • Although Diana studied graphic design at college, she knew that was not her true passion. After working for some startups where she had big responsibilities and developing her inner entrepreneurial skills, she decided to move to NY and never look back.
  • Diana explains how she managed to find her niche for her business and how she narrowed it down to who she wanted to work specifically with.
  • Due to the pandemic, Diana had to put a temporary stop to her photography sessions and she delved into graphic design where she found additional revenue streams for these tough times. 
  • When using social media to reach your audience, it’s important to let go of yourself and dare to post stories with your face in them and talk directly to your followers: it creates a closer connection with them. 
  • Diana details which are her favourite tools to use on social media as well as some tips and tricks to master them perfectly. 

To learn more about Diana, check out her website and follow her on Instagram  

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