October 7, 2020

The New Code of Motherhood, According to Saskia Roell

By Samantha Kaylee

“The New Code of Motherhood” is an inspirational story by Saskia Roell. She is the mother of five children and recognized as a renowned fertility coach, international motivational speaker and bestselling author.

The New Code of Motherhood. Courtesy of Samantha Kaylee

Saskia has helped women for almost 20 years, explaining the best ways to nurture fertility and get pregnant. She has a great heart and feels women’s grief, interacting with mothers and mothers-to-be from all walks of life. She wants to empower every woman who struggles and get them to a positive work environment

“The New Code of Motherhood” focuses on how mothers can live prosperous and contented lives. She urges, “It’s one thing to be a mother; it’s another to be successful in your calling.” Saskia firmly believes that women must gain their self-confidence – and once you get it, there is nothing in this world that can shatter it.

“The New Code of Motherhood” was published in 2017. Since then, this book on motherhood has been a motivational read for thousands, wholly focused on mothers’ development and career building. 

Saskia’s book reflects on how: 

  • Mothers are powerful. 
  • Every mother has a special gift; don’t let it go in vain. Instead, leave your inspiring mark on the world. 
  • Your kids are your strength. Use them as your strength, and no one can stop you from being what you have dreamed of.
  • Mothers are  ‘mompreneurs‘ because they’re multi-taskers.
  • Happy homes are based on fulfilled mothers.
  • Motherhood takes effort and endurance. 

Saskia has faced perilous times. Her family had few resources when they came to America in 2001. With a significant language barrier, she overcame her greatest weaknesses. In her book, she explains that no one needs to wait for things to get better on their own. Instead, march forward and let no hindrance stop you from becoming the greatest. Kids are the strength of mothers and drive them to success and happiness.

Mothers don’t consider that raising kids and fulfilling dreams can go hand in hand. Being a good mother means that you pursue your business (or dream of becoming an artist, etc.) while raising your kids at the same time.

Motherhood is precious, and that is what is extensively focused on in this book. One thing which I found most inspiring is that she urged every mother not to give up. Instead, live up to your soul. Follow your path and find the specialties you possess. By doing this, you are also teaching and setting an example for your children. This enables you to endure parenting in difficult circumstances.

The author suggests never to compromise, feel guilt over something, get frustrated over the hard work you’re doing or find yourself too busy to self-care. You have a unique talent to share with the world; try your hardest to build a soul-to-soul connection.

Writer Samantha Kaylee. Courtesy of Samantha Kaylee.

Samantha is an Assistant Editor at Crowd Writer, a 5-star platform for coursework writing service. She loves reading influential books and writing reviews on them. She has been associated with the writing industry for years. Being a woman, she too emphasizes the idea of living by a code for mothers.

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