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Figuring Out How To Live a Joyful Life with Daniele Gates

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If you are lost in a chaotic routine, today’s guest, Daniele Gates, helps you find your inner balance. Her transformation with yoga helped her change bad habits and turn negative energies into positive experiences. Daniele started B-School in 2018 and now she’s Yinsa’s founder and creative director, selling Ayurvedic skin care products and teaching a yoga wellness lifestyle. Daniele shares her growing process: not only business related but also about her daily habits and emphasizes the importance of finding balance in everything you do.


  • Daniele explains how she started her own business and how using Pop-Ups and social media helped her to create brand awareness.
  • As a Sociology major, human connection is what brings joy to Daniele: she understands people in a more profound way.
  • The importance of finding balance in everything you do: from eating healthy to exercising, she believes finding a non-guilty lifestyle is key.
  • Daniele talks about transmutation of energy: how to flip bad energy into positive experiences. People didn’t believe in her when she started yoga, but she proved them wrong: their opinions made her stronger. 
  • Understanding the concept of Ayurveda and Dosha which is one of three substances that are believed to be present in a person’s body.
  • Knowing what vibes are good for you, without caring what other people say. Find your own joy!

To learn more about Daniele, follow her on Instagram or visit her website

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