November 4, 2020

Open your mind to other opinions about your business

  • If you’re an entrepreneur, you trust in your own ideas. After all, it was your big business idea that first led you to success, allowing you to build trust in your own insight and skills.

But even if you’re a solopreneur who can attribute all of your success to your own work, it’s critical to remember that thriving businesses don’t happen in a void. Despite what you might have experienced in the early days of your business, entrepreneurs who keep an open mind are often the ones who find it easier to reach success. But how can being open-minded work for you? 

Stay Open to Change

One of the worst mistakes an entrepreneur can make is being too set in their ways. New businesses involve a constant exposure to risk—and as a result, they need constant adaptation. Sticking to your guns when it’s clear change is necessary is a quick way to run your business into the ground.

Having an open mind, on the other hand, helps you stay nimble and pivot quickly when you need. This means that you’re not only able to dodge unforeseen challenges, but that you can take advantage of new (and lucrative) opportunities that weren’t part of your original plan.

Learn From Outside Opinions

We all like to believe that we are the expert when it comes to our own business. We know it inside and out, we’ve crafted all our own strategies, and we’re the ones charting the way to success.

But without opening ourselves up to learn from others, we’re casting aside valuable opportunities for growth. Some of the world’s highest performing innovators are constantly learning—so why shouldn’t you be? Even if you don’t initially agree with an outsider’s ideology, strategy, or criticism, there’s no harm in weighing the idea and taking time to learn what you can from it. In time, you might find that applying new methods of thinking helps you achieve the goals you’re heading for faster than you could have otherwise.

More importantly, the ability to consider outside opinions is a great way to challenge limiting beliefs, which is a major key to your long-term personal growth and the success of your business. 

Be a Team Player

As you grow your business and take on new team members, you’ll start to see the huge benefits of having an open-minded workplace, with multiple minds plugged in to tackle the same challenges. Your team will provide diverse perspectives and bring great ideas to the table—and an open mind is what keeps you from squandering this huge business advantage. 

Being open-minded is what keeps you nimble and constantly learning as you drive your business to success. It’s not easy for everyone, but the right support and perspectives can be a great way to practice being strategically open-minded. 

Sometimes it’s the inputs from people that are outside of your organization that are the most valuable. Masterminds are a great way to do that. Learn more about our mastermind groups for the extra input you need!

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