Progress not Perfection with Claire Yanta-O'Mahoney from Fleur de Lis Fitness

Progress not Perfection with Claire Yanta-O’Mahoney from Fleur de Lis Fitness

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Finding motivation to workout and stay healthy is not always easy and in this particular context that we’re living in, it gets even harder. However, today’s guest will surely raise your spirits up and get you moving right away! Claire Yanta-O’Mahoney is the Founder and trainer of Fleur de Lis Fitness, a Fitness & Healthy Lifestyle Coaching Solution that empowers clients to take control of their health journey by providing accountability and guidance. Aside from this, Claire is also a Certified Personal Trainer and she holds a Bachelors of Arts and a Masters of Science, both in Psychology from Tulane University in New Orleans, LA.


  • Claire explains how she got into the physical training and fitness world as a young girl:  she started out as a classically trained dancer, and was fortunate to compete and perform at home and abroad
  • After obtaining her degree in Sciences and Psychology,  and pursuing graduate studies, Claire realized that her true passion had always been training. After this, she decided to grow inside the fitness world!
  • Committing your career because of what other people think is respectable, is only going to make you feel incomplete: that’s what Claire learned from her experience 
  • The pandemic has actually broadened the horizon’s of Claire’s company: she’s currently training some of her clients remotely who are all over the world!
  • Claire describes the main differences between training remotely with a personal trainer like herself, versus training with a random workout video that’s found online. 
  • In order to find the perfect balance between treating yourself and exercising, Claire believes you have to think about your wellness as it was a bank account. This is a metaphor which is truly inspiring. 
  • Together with her husband, Claire has found a true love for travelling and moving places because of the pandemic
  • Claire has worked with a lot of recognized brands inside the fitness industry, and her secret to do it is to put yourself out there and talk with people from a genuine place. 
  • In order to start your transformation into the healthy and fitness world, you need to set your objectives first before anything else. 

 To learn more about Claire, visit her website or follow her on Instagram 

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