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How To Get Your Personal Leadership Development On Point with Allison Krawiec from Poppylead

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Do you believe that being a leader is just not for you? Well, think twice! Today’s guest is here to make you change your mind. Allison Krawiec is a certified leadership coach, consultant, and founder of PoppyLead, a company which combines research-backed leadership assessments with a touch of intuition and self-awareness practices (guided meditation, journaling, etc.) to help entrepreneurs and leaders have their own back via self-leadership. It’s all about the personal development side of starting a business and working on people in self-trust, self-confidence, awareness aspects of knowing who you are, and overcoming the challenges of being your own boss and employee.


  • We talk about Allison’s journey from being a cheerleader and realizing she didn’t want to take a step into the corporate world to becoming a leadership coach. 
  • The name of her own company called “PoppyLead” actually has a deep and emotional meaning behind it. 
  • She discusses common misconceptions of leadership; many people think that in order to lead anyone or anything, they need to have an MBA, a certificate, or years of experience in a determined field. Allison believes that is not the case at all. 
  • Allison describes two common qualities that leaders tend to have: awareness and checking in with yourself.
  • The energy leadership index is an attitudinal assessment which gives people a picture of where they are standing currently, and Allison recommends it a lot.
  • Allison talks about the importance of understanding that you can develop leadership skills over time; you don’t necessarily have to be a natural-born leader in order to lead successfully. 
  • Allison gets a bit more personal and reveals that there was a dark time in her life where she did not feel as cheerful and bubbly as always. That’s when she realized how important it is to take care of your mental health as an entrepreneur.
  • During quarantine, Allison has found that participating in virtual community events has really helped her business to grow.

 To learn more about Allison, visit her website

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