December 30, 2020

Set These Personal Development Goals for Success

As the year comes to a close, it’s only natural to reflect on our hopes for the next. Specifically, how can you become a stronger, better version of yourself than you are now?

It’s easy to let ourselves be pushed or pulled around by our circumstances, leaving our personal development up to fate. But if you’re serious about achieving the outcomes you’ve set for yourself in business and life, you have to buckle down and get serious about your personal development goals.

Everyone will have different goals based on their aims, but we’ve put together a list of 7 of our favorite examples to help you make more of the coming year.

Be More Confident

Having a high IQ will get you far in life, but research has shown that confidence is a more important factor in success. Much more important than intelligence, self-confidence is about how we picture ourselves and how worthy we think we are of achieving success and happiness. It makes us more likely to be resilient, to follow through on our plans and goals, and to persevere through difficult patches. 

Wake Up Earlier

Want more time in your day? There’s a reason why many of the most productive people wake up early: the morning hours tend to be rife with both quiet and inspiration. While many of us cringe at the idea of a 5 a.m. alarm, even a little extra time in your mornings can have huge benefits throughout your day.

Move Past Limiting Beliefs

Everyone is afraid of failure. A healthy level of fear can propel us forward. But if you have deep limiting beliefs about yourself or your abilities, you may be too caught up in your comfort zone to see the wealth of possibilities open to you. Identifying and addressing limiting beliefs can be a challenge, but adding positive beliefs in their place can put you on the path to more success.

Improve Your Nonverbal Communication

Did you know that up to 93% of all communication is nonverbal? This means things like tone, expressions, hand movements, and body language. Our gestures and posture are great ways to help us connect with each other and to convey our thoughts effectively—which is why harnessing your nonverbal communication skills can be a huge boost in both life and business.

Stop Procrastinating

We’re all guilty of procrastinating at some point or another. However, if procrastination is a hurdle you find yourself facing too often, remember that it’s a habit, not a character trait. Just as you can replace any old bad habits with new ones, you can replace procrastination with better time management strategies.

Manage Stress More Effectively

High stress levels can impact your physical and mental health, making it difficult to accomplish what you need to do. However, what works for one person’s stress may not work for another’s, which is why you should set aside time to learn how you can manage stress more effectively—and how to incorporate those techniques into your daily life. 

Read More

Books are a treasure trove, no matter what kind of business goals you’re setting. If you have a huge backlog of helpful books to read, it might be time to make an effort to sit down to read them more often. Getting into the habit of reading can help you acquire new skills, reflect on your existing strategies, and refine what you already know.

If your aim is to redefine your pathway to success, setting one (or more!) of these goals can help you get there. However, don’t forget that deciding on a goal is only half the battle. You’ll also need to plan your goal out step-by-step! Check out our blog on planning for personal development, or try jumping into our Mastermind sessions to create more healthy habits like these.

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