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Illuminating Your Entrepreneurial Self with Carolina Campbell of Illuminate Consulting Group

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Being an entrepreneur might sound liberating and amazing, but it definitely has its own challenges. Today’s guest, Carolina Campbell, is here to illuminate the realities of entrepreneurship, especially when it comes to finances. Carolina is the Founder of the Illuminate Consulting Group, a company that provides outsourced COO & CFO services, detailed business & growth strategy creation, and strategy for capital investment. As a former Wall Street Managing Director with 20 years of experience, Carolina knows all the tips and tricks for raising capital and deeply understanding your financial statements like a pro!


  • After a long and exhausting career in investment banking in New York City, Carolina knew that she wanted to bring a change into her life, and she decided to move to Los Angeles. Little did she know, this was going to be the first step into entrepreneurship for her. 
  • In her journey to find her new venture in LA, Carolina met a lot of female founders who were completely lost when it came to their numbers and investment desires. That’s when Caroline came up with the idea of offering her skillset to help women make their businesses attractive to investment capital.
  • All of this happened in the middle of the pandemic, which suggests that when these challenging moments present themselves, they act as catalysts for some people to find their true passion and inner purpose. 
  • For Carolina, the entrepreneurial journey is challenging and interesting because you learn a lot about yourself and your own business: you work harder than ever because you pursue a purpose that completes you!
  • Carolina points out some challenges that people tend to face while becoming an entrepreneur and how to overcome them.
  • There are some common misconceptions about funding and finance, which Carolina clarifies in depth.

To learn more about Carolina, visit her website or follow her on Instagram

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