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Empowering Communities and Gathering Connections with Carrie Murray of BRA Network

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Having a community that you trust and that is constantly pushing you up towards reaching your goals is a true blessing. Today’s guest, Carrie Murray is a community builder herself: Carrie is a speaker, podcast host, and the Founder of BRA (Business Relationship Alliance), a network of powerful female entrepreneurs devoted to advancing women-owned businesses by providing the community, collaboration, empowerment, and support needed to flourish as an entrepreneur.


  • Carrie’s journey from being a public school teacher for 14 years, to taking a leap into entrepreneurship and trying to create her own school but not really succeeding
  • Eventually, Carrie started to attend networking events to learn about marketing and branding, but she quickly realized that those were not going to work out: they were full of men and the tone was rather salesly
  • Discovering a need in the market, Carrie decided to start hosting networking events for women at her own backyard and slowly but surely her community grew bigger and bigger
  • Carrie decided then to invest all of her money and efforts into building the BRA Network: a place that could unify all women, and where they all had something in common
  • Although BRA used to host a lot of in-person events, when the pandemic happened, Carrie managed to adapt her business perfectly to 100% online functionality. 
  • Carrie explains how she usually hosts online events with nonprofit organizations in order to fundraise towards a good cause
  • Creating trades with brands or with people in general can be sometimes tricky, and Carrie gives out her best trips to manage then like a pro
  • First person testimonials of your brand, product, or service are key to generate more engagement and empathy with your audience. 
  • The importance of following through after having great connections at networking events: if you promise to email someone, do so!
  • Carrie explains how she is connected (in a hilarious way) to awesome people such as Leonardo DiCaprio and the Queen Elizabeth herself!

To learn more about Carrie, visit her website or follow her on Instagram

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