February 22, 2021

The Online Fitness Community That Keeps You Motivated: Meet Claire Yanta-O’Mahoney, Founder of Fleur de Lis Fitness

By Emily Merrell

I’ve joined so many pre-recorded fitness streaming platforms that I’ve abandoned them halfway through because no one is holding me accountable. Enter Fleur de Lis Fitness, an incredible online fitness community that is live. This community will hold you accountable! In addition to fitness, the community is filled with lifestyle programming and support. Learn more about Claire Yanta-O’Mahoney and how she inspires her crew. 

Working out remotely with Claire! Courtesy of Ani Paoletti Creative.
Working out remotely with Claire! Courtesy of Ani Paoletti Creative.

SDS: Tell us about the name Fleur de Lis Fitness and how it got its start.

CYM: It’s an interesting name, that’s for sure! I’m born and raised in the St. Louis area, then went to college and later on to graduate school in New Orleans at Tulane University. My name Claire means “light” in French, so though I don’t speak any French, that seemed to be a common theme! 

St. Louis and New Orleans are the two cities that truly shaped me. I had a newfound appreciation for the fleur de lis symbol after evacuating from Hurricane Katrina my sophomore year of college. The fleur de lis came to convey strength, power, beauty, purity and hope – those concepts translate well to the wellness field I work in!

SDS: Something that really sets you apart is your Masters of Science in Psychology. How do you apply that learning to working with your clients?

CYM: I agree it’s an unexpected feather in my cap that I worked SO hard for….it really complements my fitness and nutrition certifications! My psych grad degree enables me to have a deeper understanding of human development, both in a physical and emotional sense. People have always had a tendency to open up to me and my education provides another layer of understanding from my professional perspective.  

It’s also really relevant because exercise is more than just reps. What we eat is more than just macronutrient profiles, and our routines are more than simple lists! There’s the WHY behind what we do/don’t do, WHAT we do/don’t do it, our struggles, our emotions, our beliefs, our fears. Being able to provide this additional area of expertise helps me better serve clients.

SDS: There are two types of people during the pandemic, those that leaned in hard to a routine or those who didn’t. What advice do you have for people who might be averse to working out alone and how they can jumpstart their workouts?

CYM: I totally understand those who’ve had a hard time leaning into a routine – I’d be struggling hardcore if it weren’t for my crew to keep me accountable! We have moved so many times (seriously, 20 times, I just counted!) and often out-of-state cross country moves, so what always helped me pre-pandemic times was group fitness classes. But without that schedule, group accountability, and place to go, it can be tough!  

My advice for those who are averse to working out alone and need to jumpstart their routines is to try a free 7 day trial in my FdLF Membership Club!  Everyone is welcome.  I lead a 30min class every Tuesday (cardio) and Thursday (strength) from 6:30-7am PT, and the classes are recorded so participants have access to a massively growing library of on-demand content.  Beyond the workouts, members get access to a community of women across the country. I host happy hours (we had a wine tasting with fellow SDS member Heather Rader of Spirit Horse Vineyards!) and I bring experts in to lead workshops on relevant health topics. We’re here for each other.

There’s accountability, consistency, support and love. The FdLF Membership Club has been a game changer (seriously it’s kept me from hitting the snooze button and hiding under the covers more than one time haha) for not just me, but my growing members too! Come on in and see what all the buzz is about 🙂

Founder Claire Yanta-O'Mahoney. Courtesy of Clara Rice Photography.
Founder Claire Yanta-O’Mahoney. Courtesy of Clara Rice Photography.

SDS: Through being a member of Six Degrees Society, you’ve collaborated on many partnerships with other members and their brands. In 2020 have there been any new learnings about the impact of community in your life?

CYM: Wow, this is such an understatement….I think community might just be THE biggest thing to happen to me in my career! SDS has opened my world to so many people worldwide and without it, I honestly am not sure where I’d be in my business.  

There were some tough times professionally last year before I became an SDS member where I seriously wondered about the fate of FdLF.  But by getting involved in the community, showing up, creating new relationships and collaborating in ways beyond my wildest dreams – I have a newfound purpose, a revived client base and friends I can count on, even if I’ve never met them in person! As a connector people person, I have learned firsthand that community is just about everything.

SDS: From Athleta to Google and beyond, you’ve taught and partnered with everyone — what piece of advice do you have for new fitness trainers just starting out?

CYM: Awe thank you, I do feel very honored and fortunate to have partnered with some of the biggest brands that I greatly admire! My advice to new trainers is to network. Get involved with a community even if it’s outside your industry (hint: SDS is a top choice!), put yourself out there, offer to help, show that you care, schedule virtual coffee chats as a way to get to know people and plant seeds. Don’t be afraid to ask for something with consideration as you never know unless you ask…stand up for yourself and remember this isn’t your dress rehearsal life.

Always be gracious, always be willing to learn. You NEVER know what can come of a relationship or when an opportunity might come your way, so move about without expectations and be a giver. Treating people with the golden rule of kindness goes so far!   

SDS: I personally love your Fleur de Lis Fitness membership and have made it to almost every single live workout class. How can people learn more? Any new exciting offerings coming up?

CYM: Awe Em, I feel so incredibly lucky to have you in the FdLF Membership Club and you have set quite the attendance precedent! Go girl! People can learn more about my ever-expanding offerings on my Instagram @fleurdelisfitness. From there they can sign up for their free 7 day trial in the FdLF Membership Club, sign up for my email list, get my free 5 day workout video series and stay up to date with all my adventures!

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