August 30, 2021

4 Productivity Techniques to Work Smarter Not Harder

By Six Degrees Society

Have you ever spent hours looking at your computer just trying to figure out what the heck you need to work on? Here are our tested and true productivity techniques that we do daily to make our days that much more productive. Using these tasks we can walk away with working less time and spending less energy because we’re working smarter not harder. 

1. Do the hardest thing first thing in the morning

After your morning routine or whatever you need to do, write down the three most important things you need to get done in the day. Then do them. These should be money making tasks, writing, client proposals but things that you can procrastinate all day long. Set a timer for 1 hour and get them done. Future you will thank you. 

2. Batch, batch, batch. One task, one mindset. 

Nothing will get done if you keep switching between checking your email, posting on social media, answering questions and slack and writing that newsletter. Use a timer and give yourself a deadline of a certain amount of time to get those tasks done. In that time frame only work on one task at a time. For instance, if you’re writing newsletters or blogs, only work on writing those things. This is not the time to task switch. After your timer has gone off you can check your emails, slacks and then do it again for another task. 

3. Delegate the tasks that don’t make you money 

Make a list of all the tasks that you don’t need to do. Do you really need to spend hours uploading events on your website? Spend a week tracking all of the things that you could delegate and that don’t make you money. Associate how much time it will take per task. Look at the cost it would be to delegate the tasks out and start finding an individual that can take these tasks off your list. Once you’ve calculated how much time you’ve gotten back you can fill that time on things that make you money and move your business forward. 

4. Treat your business like a franchise, systemize and automate what you can

Take your ego out of running your business. Think about your business beyond you. Who would run it if you weren’t running it? How would they know what to do? Treat your business like a franchise. Go through your business and outline what can be systemized and automated. Write out Systems of Procedures for every task you do from start to finish to how you sign off your emails to how you write your newsletters. 

While there are many levels to running a business we urge you to start these 4 productivity techniques tomorrow and let us know how you do!

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