September 20, 2021

5 Advantages of Professional Networking

By Six Degrees Society

Ugh, networking, the most dreaded business word out there– well maybe taxes are the worst. While you know you should network, for personal networking and business networking purposes, I’m going to tell you why you really NEED to network and the benefits of networking. So stop scrolling professional networking sites and listen up. 

Here are the top 5 advantages of professional networking.

1. Expanding your network

You can’t do it alone, networking and meeting like minded and not like minded people will expand your reach and your audience. You want to build a good contact network. 

2. Growing your reach

Meeting people IRL or virtually computes to new social media and newsletter followers as well. You can’t grow if you’re all by yourself. 

3. Practice articulating what you sell

The more you tell people what you do, the more clarity and confidence you’ll get doing what you do. 

4. Building a support network

There are good days and hard days with entrepreneurs, you want to have people who “get it” around you to support you. 

5. Finding collaboration partners

Networking leads to collaboration which leads to more eyeballs on what you’re doing/building/scaling. 

Also remember, there are different types of workplace relationships for networking. So, if you’re still like networking is HARD, remember all the fun and amazing things that come out of meeting new and amazing humans. Before you know it, you’ll be networking like a pro.

What do you think are the advantages of professional networking?

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