January 3, 2022

5-Step System For a Realistic Goal Setting and Achievement

By Six Degrees Society

There are so many methods for organizing your time and setting your goals. Different things work for different people. So, with trial and error, you can definitely figure out which ones work for you. These 5 that we are sharing with you today are a staple for the Six Degrees team.

1. Only Fill Your Calendar as Many Hours as You Realistically Can Work

I don’t think I’ve met someone who likes ‘To Do’ lists and stays organized with them. I think many of us have tried it and mostly failed. It took me a while to realize that maybe we need a visual representation of time in order to estimate our tasks and plan our day. The easiest way to do this is to use the Google Calendar. You can use different methods to organize yourself.

For example, I plan and schedule my meals in the day and I block time for my workout. Then I block important meetings for the day if they’re not already scheduled beforehand. I look for the largest chunk of uninterrupted time to block for getting some nitty-gritty work done. I estimate and schedule the smaller tasks for my day, in the shorter chunks of time, and everything that isn’t going in the scheduled slots will be postponed to the next day. After I’m finished with the scheduled tasks and I have some more time and energy left, I pull back the tasks that I’ve postponed.

2. Use Organization Tools to Your Advantage

There are so many visually organized tools these days that are free or cheap and will do an amazing job for organizing your business and laying the foundation for it. The one I use most frequently for myself and my team is Trello. Everything is sectioned in boards and they’re perfect for organizing different aspects of your business. For example, everyone on my team has their individual board, so that we can quickly see the status of everyone’s tasks. Also, we have a board dedicated to our marketing strategy and one for our business strategy, visualizing our business goals has never been easier. 

3. Do the Hardest Thing First Thing in the Morning

There’s always this one task that you most likely think about when you wake up in the morning and you kinda dread doing it. As the day progresses you think more and more about it. It gets even more difficult and uncomfortable to do it. So schedule it as early as possible in the morning, get it done with and get it out of the way. Your day will feel lighter and much more productive. 

4. Get an Accountability Buddy

Some people actually perform better with other people around them who are also working. If you enjoy the silent company of your coworkers in the office and you kinda miss that, all is not lost. You can get on a ‘silent’ zoom call with either your friends, coworkers or get an accountability buddy subscription. Set your intentions for the call and turn your camera on. It’s really difficult to get distracted and go on social media or talk on the phone when you have cameras on you and all the other people are working.

5. Join the Six Degrees On-Demand Course

Sometimes even after all the organizing, scheduling and rescheduling, working around the clock, you still can’t find the time to finish all your tasks for the day. This is a problem that many entrepreneurs face in the maturing stage of their business. The business simply is getting bigger than you and your time. So, this is the perfect time to start delegating your tasks and developing your team. We know that might be getting into murky waters so, we’ve created the best Organization and Delegation course out there

Share with us some of your systems for Goal Setting and Achievement!

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