November 15, 2021

5 Steps to Achieve a Successful Brand Collaboration

By Six Degrees Society

There is nothing more satisfying than growing brand awareness and getting in front of a new audience. While typically brand collaborations are unpaid, there are huge advantages with partnering with like minded brands to create brand awareness, client acquisition and buzz for your brand. Some historic brand collaborations have happened between Doritos and Taco Bell in the creation of the Doritos Loco Taco or Spotify and Starbucks. Coming up with the right brand collaboration is a fun creative process that reaps a lot of benefits. 

While you might be limited in growing on your own, nothing is better than growing through a brand collaboration. Check out our 5 steps to achieve a successful brand collaboration

1. Identify shared values

What do you both have in common and how can you collaborate? The brands you partner with should feel aligned with you and the values of your brand, these are people you’ll want to have associated with your brand. 

2. Define your goals

What do you want out of this collaboration? Are you aligned on these goals? The hardest thing about a brand collaboration is figuring out what you want to get out of it? What are you looking to achieve? More newsletter subscribers? A bigger social media following? Define clear metrics of what a successful partnership looks like. 

3. Develop a timeline of deliverables

Get everything in writing. The more organized you can be with a timeline, the happier both parties will be at the end. In addition to a timeline, give yourself meetings to find time to connect on the progress of the partnerships and what’s being sent out. 

4. Utilize multiple platforms

Don’t limit yourself to one platform, leverage all of your platforms from blog, instagram and beyond. For a really successful brand collaboration take advantage of all of your platforms. Going back to defining your goals, this will be a good way to test what works and what doesn’t work. 

5. Measure success

Sit back and measure the success of your collaboration. What metrics are you measuring? New followers? Customers? etc. How are you going to implement these successes and what sort of strategy for your brand moving forward? 

What are some of your most recent and successful brand collabs? 

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