October 4, 2021

5 Tips for Advocating Yourself at Work

By Six Degrees Society

It can be hard to stand out in the workforce and easy to assume that your boss has your best interests at heart and that everyone is a mind reader about what you’re working on and achieving. Like everything in your life, you have to be a self-advocate for yourself. In this article, we will share 5 tips for advocating yourself at work and how to level up at your job.

1. Pay attention and ask questions.

At every job it’s easy to keep your head down and hope you cruise through the ranks. Pay detailed attention to what your boss is teaching you and show that you’re paying attention by asking questions and managing up. Let me know weekly or even daily what you are working on. 

2. Keep Track of your achievements.

Find your own measurements of success. Success can look like growth, revenue improvement or new clients. Keep track of your achievements so you can remind your boss of what achievements you’ve brought to the job and company. 

3. Seek Feedback from your boss.

Ensure you have regular 1:1 meetings scheduled with your boss and constantly ask for ways you can improve or grow. Also manage your boss’s expectations by updating them on what you’re working on and asking how you can help support them in a bigger capacity. So, by showing your boss that you are capable of taking on more work and responsibility will set you up nicely for growth at the company. 

4. Set a timeline for negotiation and growth.

When self advocating, set a timeline with yourself when you are going to negotiate your next promotion/raise with your boss. Come prepared with proof that you are deserving of the new role as well as the documentation of your accomplishments. 

5. Speak up and look out for yourself.

Lastly, in the workplace if you’re unhappy, struggling or dealing with challenges the only way you can find a solution is by speaking up for yourself and having your best interests in mind. If your company/boss is not capable of supporting you nor are they respectful of your desire to grow it’s time to look for work elsewhere. 

Hopefully, our 5 tips for advocating yourself at work will help in your goals to advance in your career. But, remember that while in the workplace you’re responsible for yourself.

What are your tips for advocating for yourself? 

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