January 9, 2023

5 Tips for Joining an IRL Community 

By Emily Merrell

I see you, ready to meet strangers who one day might become your community. Here are some of our favorite tips to consider when joining an IRL community. 

  1. Identify what you want to get out of the community: First and foremost identify what you want to get out of the community. Is it connections, mentorship, friendships, clients. Look for a community that offers this type of support. 
  1. Understand the reputation: When scoping out communities, know what the reputation is of the community you would be joining. Does being a part of this community help strengthen your personal brand and open doors? Or is it perceived negatively? 
  1. When and how often do you want to show up? Many IRL communities have set times they meet. Make sure you understand the terms of how often you’re expected to be a part of the community and that their meetings work for your life and schedule. 
  1. How do you want to engage with the community? If there is no set time or expectation for meeting, make a goal for how and when you want to engage with the community. 
  1. Know your value: What value can  you provide to the community and help make it that much better? 

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