Networking + Business Coaching
90 Minute Power Session

Is it all in your head? Are you pricing your stuff too high? Too low?
How did that person get a client? Where do I find my clients? How do I get connected to that person?

You usually have all the answers but need a sounding board to get there. 
In these 90-minute intensive sessions with Emily, we’ll meet you where you are and together put together the next steps to up level your business and unlock connections in your life.

These sessions are tailored to you and your needs. From networking strategy to business, we will walk away with several action steps.

So how does this work?

These intensives are built with your unique business in mind and each session is tailored to your needs.

I help my clients fast track the endless googling, the 26 different self-guided courses and take fast action in their business to carve out clear pricing, clarity in their offerings, systems that work and most importantly more time.

Time to live their lives, take that vacation, plan a maternity leave and take the time off when they want to.

My clients have crossed the six figure mark mid year, scaled communities, surpassed their corporate incomes, taken more vacation time and time off, hired a team and implemented multiple revenue streams.


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“During my 90 minute intensive with Emily I was able to get clarity on how to move my business forward with a strategy I am excited about. In 90 minutes, we crafted the sequence for my next newsletters, wrote copy for my IG bio and highlights  and identified key money making opportunities with already existing clients. I was also able to overcome a block I have on writing and sent out a newsletter right after our session. I highly recommend working with Emily and love how empowered and excited I feel about my business.”

Albena Ilieva
six degrees society

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