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A Sustainable Shift to a Conversation with Carolyn Stine

Having an eye for the aesthetic side of life is life-changing. Today on The Sixth Degree podcast with Emily Merrell, we have Carolyn Stine, who left her corporate job to become an entrepreneur by expressing brand and lifestyle content for businesses. She has become an advocate for sustainability to produce a more health-conscious life and eco-friendly environment. Carolyn’s goal is to create a healthier and more positive habitat for ourselves and the earth.

The Authentic Influencer: Meet Carolyn Stine, Founder of Caro’s City & Carolyn Stine Consulting

By Emily Merrell  Carolyn is one of the punniest people I know. Her Instagram captions are authentically her and represent a passionate love of travel, food and reading. Carolyn started sharing her Instagram with the public back in 2015. She’s evolved from a corporate employee to a digital strategist and content creator – spreading her …

The Authentic Influencer: Meet Carolyn Stine, Founder of Caro’s City & Carolyn Stine Consulting Read More »

Six Degrees Society City Guides: Austin

I had the pleasure of visiting Austin in mid-October for good friend’s wedding and instead of getting in and out for the wedding. My friend Carolyn Stine and I turned it into an exploration trip where we ate, walked and waited (Franklin BBQ) our way through Austin! I was really taken by the city and the people and loved the southern hospitality feel but also felt like a manageable “big city”. 

In addition to our trip suggestions below (planned by Carolyn Stine of Caro’s City) you can follow her Instagram photo journey through Austin via her hashtag #caro_in_austin, as well as her Instagram takeover of the @zipkick feed with all of her Austin recommendations!

Below you’ll find all of her recommendations! 

Six Degrees Society City Guides: Portland, Oregon

Every year I take a trip with my girlfriends to some place we’ve never been before in the USA. This fall we traveled to the Pacific Northwest to Portland, Oregon to explore the quirky city the and the famous wine country.  

When we travel Ms. Carolyn Stine is our official tour guide planning a creative and detailed itinerary. Check it out below and for more inspiration on travel, dining and cooking check out her new blog at  CarosCity and book your next trip to Portland stat! 

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