Six Degrees Society Atlanta Presents Inaugural Networking

Six Degrees Society is officially launching in Atlanta! With chapters in NYC, Chicago, New Orleans, Miami, Los Angeles and  San Francisco. SDS is a women focused networking group that takes the guesswork out of who you meet while networking. Each attendee will walk away with 4 curated connections handpicked just for them. 

What's happening? Throughout the evening you will meet 4 curated women connections for 15 minutes each, handpicked just for you

How Does It Work? Each attendee will submit a personal bio and based on the bios matches will be handpicked for each attendee

Food/Drink? Always! Enjoy adult refreshments and light bites 

When: Monday, July 11th, 6:30-8:30 PM

Where: Global, 10 10th Street NE, Suite 150

Cost: $35