You Do What?: Meet Blake Fletcher, Founder of Half Hour Intern

Two months ago I was 35,000 feet in the air and started listening to Virgin America's featured podcast. It was called Half Hour Intern and I was intrigued by the topic and the conversational tone of the podcast host Blake Fletcher. Half way through my second episode I subscribed to wi-fi and punched out an email to Blake Fletcher, telling him my story and pitching him on why I should be a guest on his show. By the time my flight landed he had emailed back and Blake and I had a great conversation pre-recording our show (which you can find here). Now it's my turn to interview Blake and have him tell his incredible story on how he went from medical device rep to podcasting professionally. 

Career Change With A Twist: Meet Jill Ozovek, Founder of Career Change Kitchen

Jill Ozovek is someone you want in your life. She's that friend that will push you a little harder than others and encourage you to think of your current situation from a different angle. She's actually so good at doing these things that she's become a certified Career Change expert helping people look at their careers with a brand new lens and perspective. In addition to offering one on one services, Jill has a new course called the Career Change Kitchen that approaches the change holistically. 

Zin Zin Zin: Meet Matt Railla, Founder of Wine Guerrilla Winery

Have you ever tried a wine and thought that this is now officially your go to wine? That's what happened when I was introduced to Zinfandel. After falling madly in love with the Malbec, I was utterly shocked and impressed by the California wines I tried and Zinfandel was like Malbec's sophisticated, yet fun, cousin. This past summer when wine tasting in a teeny little town called Forestville, I stumbled into the dog-friendly tasting room for Wine Guerrilla. Immediately I was drawn to how laid back the place was and how creative the artwork was on the bottles (all different for the various labels). Naturally, I struck up a conversation with Matt from Wine Guerrilla to tell us a bit more why his family started the winery and what makes Zin so darn special. 

Dinner Is Served : Meet Alexandra Shytsman, Founder of The New Baguette

Does grocery shopping and cooking overwhelm you? Enter Alexandra Shytsman, Founder of the food blog The New Baguette a food blog that doesn't overwhelm but rather inspire an "I can do that" attitude. Plus Alexandra's relatable tone makes you feel like you're cooking with a friend rather than at a French culinary school with a text heavy, multi step textbook. Alexandra's goal is to make cooking fun and approachable for the busy person. Read more about what inspired her to make The New Baguette her full time job and what's next for Alexandra. 

Extra Credit : Meet Emily DeBarbieri, Six Degrees Society's Intern

We all remember our first internship and for us, we remember our first intern. Emily was our first intern at Six Degrees Society over the summer of 2016 and we've never been more excited to have an intern on our team nor have we been more appreciative. Emily was vital in creating events, bios, social media strategy and more. Read on for her take on networking at the college level. 

Nailed It: Meet Ruth Kallens, Founder of Van Court Nail Studio

Have you ever walked out of a nail salon feeling berated, dirty and pretty sure that you're going to develop respiratory problems later in life? Enter Ruth Kallens, the Founder of the NYC based Van Court Nail Studio. Nestled in NY's Financial District the salon exudes zen and good smells all around. Ruth's vision of creating a nail salon that you energy is magnetic. Meeting her I was instantly inspired by her vision to create a salon that was ethical, sanitary and treated the workers as well as they treated you. Coming up on nearly 1 year of business Ruth has accomplished a lot with plans on expansion and the development of her own product line. Read her story below. 

Wanderlust Captured In a Bottle: Meet Aggie Burnett, Founder of Nomaterra

Have you ever had a moment where you smelled something that reminded you of a place and time? Nomaterra has captured that moment in a (beautiful) bottle. The fragrances created by husband and wife team Aggie & Ben Burnett transport you to New Orleans, Cape Cod, East Hampton and beyond. Learn more about Aggie's story from a beauty editor to in a lab developing a scent. 

Sweet Home NYC: Meet Cate Roepke, Six Degrees Society's NYC Ambassador

I don't know where I'd be this year if I hadn't met Cate. Cate reached out to work with me at Six Degrees Society early in 2016. She offered an extra hand in moments where I thought I would drown. As we've grown and produced more events the need for a team has become more apparent and it's people like Cate that round out what we do. 

Cate is remarkable in so many ways. From Alabama originally she moved to Madrid to teach English after college and after that on to NYC. She's whip smart, sassy as can be and super political. I feel lucky to have Cate as part of the Six Degrees Society team and look out for Cate running more of the events solo in 2017! 

The Nepalese Older Sister: Meet Nora Parry, The Founder of Didi and Dhai

Nora Parry, a NYC based entrepreneur she can always be seen wearing a beautiful gold pendant around her neck. Ask her about it and she'll tell you about her jewelry company Didi & Dhai. After a volunteer trip to Nepal she was inspired to create a line of jewelry that sends proceeds to a non-profit organization that provides food, shelter and counseling for young survivors of sexual assault. Read about her journey from a volunteer trip to a full-fledge business.

Keeping it Uniform: Meet Olivia Fay Founder of Rallier

Olivia Fay saw a problem in the world and went about solving it in the chicest way possible. Fay is the Founder of RALLIER, an innovative womenswear label that through uniform dressing and design offers actual girls school uniforms. Still a young business, they have been written up in Forbes, Elle, InStyle, Marie Claire and HarpersBazaar to name a few. Learn more about the product and how you too can shop it. 

The Creative Genius: Meet Pinsi Lei, Founder Of Pinsi Lei Creative

A few years ago Six Degrees Society was called City Society and we sent only emails. And by emails I mean I kept everyone's info stored in a spreadsheet and added additional names manually and when I had an event coming up I'd bcc everyone on one email. One day my life was changed when Pinsi Lei reached out me. She had this novel idea to use a tool called "Mailchimp" to revolutionize the way I store emails/communicate out events. 

Being the stubborn person I am it came to her setting it all up for me before I was able to accept that yes, this will make my life much much easier as will it make the life of everyone who interfaces with me. 

I was drawn to Pinsi's ability to confidently reach out to someone and tell them how to change their thinking just as I was impressed by the business she had crafted for herself. Learn more about what inspired PInsi to get her business, Pinsi Lei Creative, off the ground as well as useful tips for those contemplating starting a business. 

The Ultimate Yes Girl: Meet Reese Evans, Founder of yes supply

There are some friendships that start in grade school and there are some friendships that start over email. For Reese and me it's the latter. Reese and I were introduced through Elana Gross, a NYC powerhouse and writer of the blog Elana Lyn. For months Reese and I played email ping pong asking each other where we were in the world but never proactively taking the time to jump on a call or skype. One day, something changed and Reese emailed me with intention suggesting we do a webinar together. From the webinar we would have late night phone calls discussing our fears and excitement of being an entrepreneur but mostly it was an unbiased sound board. Long story short, after a successful webinar together on Yes Supply we decided to take the relationship one step further and have her visit NYC!

Reese Evans is the Founder of Yes Supply based out of Toronto and is one of the most positive and inspiring and PUT TOGETHER ladies I've met. I'm thrilled to have her visit NYC and share her wisdom on Mastering Your Yes! Learn more about Reese in the interview below and join us on November 15th for an in-person event at Coworkrs and Facebook Live! 

Looping In My Publicist: Meet Victoria Natenzon, PR Extraordinaire

A publicist is like your mom during college applications. They advocate for you, tell everyone why you're so special and constantly remind you to update them on what's happening in your life. 

Meet Victoria Natenzon, Founder of Victoria Marie PR. Victoria is a bubbly petite blonde that knows everyone and came from the PR Agency world before starting her own PR company focused on Beauty and Lifestyle clients. 

On Wednesday, October 26th we are hosting a PR 101 event with a panel of PR experts including Victoria and find out what it really means to be in the world of PR and how it can helpful for you and your brand. 

Behind Every Entrepreneur Is Someone Who Inspires: Meet Alison Gilbert, Business Coach & Founder of Project AG

Behind Every Entrepreneur Is Someone Who Inspires: Meet Alison Gilbert, Business Coach & Founder of Project AG

Behind every business owner there is someone that keeps that person sane. Back when I started my company I was fortunate to meet Alison Gilbert founder of Project AG, business coach, mentor and friend that has inspired me to think broader, push harder and not throw in the towel. Although Alison is based in NYC she works with entrepreneurs everywhere, she's essentially an entrepreneur whisperer. Next Monday, we have the pleasure of partnering with Alison for an in-person event on starting a business. Read on about how she founded her business and how she makes other brands shine. 

10 Years Young: Meet Meghan Donovan Founder of the Blog wit & whimsy

10 Years Young: Meet Meghan Donovan Founder of the Blog wit & whimsy

Meet Meghan Donovan, the blogger that found blogging before blogging was a thing. The Blogger is now the influencer. They are coveted by brands and are the go to for inspiration for the normal person. Meghan Donovan recently quit her corporate job, moved from San Francisco to NYC and started her own PR consulting company on top of focusing on her blogging after building wit & whimsy for 10 whole years now! 

Read how she did it and how you too can take your side hustle full-time. 

An Animated Life: Meet Jess Peterson, Co-Founder of HATCH & Mighty Oak

Have you ever met someone and known they are going to be a big part of your life? That's how I felt when I met Jess Peterson. Peterson, a petite blonde with stunning tattoos and oversized glasses exudes quirk and confidence simultaneously. 

Through her experiences in the music world, art school and working for a non-profit she has become an innovator in the world of animation. She turned her hobby into a full time business called Mighty Oak with work being featured in Dream, Girl, Samsung, Perrier and many more. 

In addition to managing the business side of Mighty Oak she was also the co-founder of a meetup called HATCH for creative female founders to learn from one another.  

On October 25th HATCH & Six Degrees Society will be hosting an event at Coworkrs Gowanus called HATCH Hookups where each guest will get 4 curated 15 minute matches. 

For the meantime, read all about Jess's story navigating the music industry and starting her advice for starting your own company. 

Good Hair, Yes Please: Meet Alanna Gregory, Founder of Vive

Have you ever had a day where you went straight to work with wet hair and a decent outfit only to find out you are invited to the event of the year that night? After assessing your dress you know you can put on some heels and make it work, but what you about your hair? Your office is blocks from a blow out focused bar and you only have 30 minutes. Enter, Vive. 

Vive is an app that lets you make on-demand appointments at hair salons nearby for competitive prices ($33/blowout on the lowest 3 package plan)!!!! 

Meet Alanna Gregory, founder of Vive and finance professional turned entrepreneur who has grown her on-demand company to service those living in NYC, the Hamptons, Chicago and they just launched LA! 

We are thrilled to be partnering with Vive in conjunction with their LA launch with one of their salons, GLAM Beverly Hills, for a Hairstyling & Headshots event on Monday, September 26th. 

In the meantime, check out our interview with Alanna and how she was able to take a simple problem she faced in her life and turn it into a game changing tool. 

The Communicating Pros: Meet Casey Clark and Julie Fogh, Founders of Vital Voice Training

Are you one of those people that find public speaking terrifying? Well, you are not alone. Luckily there are companies like Vital Voice Training that can help null those terrors by teaching strategy, technique and helping you practice! Casey Clark and Julie Fough are the masterminds behind Vital Voice Training and have transformed their experience in acting to help others seize the stage. Read on about what all they offer and how they will make you eager for your next presentation. Plus, catch them in person on Wednesday, September 21st at our Art of The Elevator Pitch event in San Francisco. 

The Ultimate Maven: Meet Kate Gremillion, Founder of Mavenly

I was introduced to Kate Gremillion, the founder of Mavenly + Co, by my good friend Elana Lyn. Since our initial phone call Kate has been an incredible cheerleader a huge advocate of Six Degrees Society, especially in our New Orleans and Atlanta chapters. Kate is one of those women that you aspire to be and someone that continues to impress with her content, her podcast and the workshops that she produces. Mavenly + Co was created as a platform to inspire job seekers and offer resources for life after college.

Six Degrees Society is thrilled to be partnering with Mavenly + Co on Thursday, September 22nd in NYC for a Personal Branding workshop. In the meantime, learn more about Kate and how she's come to be the ultimate maven. 

Life's Never Tasted So Sweet: Meet Caitlin Lee, Founder Of Public Lives, Secret Recipes

Many of us dream of turning our passions into our jobs. Well. that's what Caitlin Lee, the voice behind the widely popular blog and instagram account, Public Lives, Secret Recipes did. From creating new and instagramable recipes (mini s'mores cereal?!) to interviewing leaders in their industry, PLSR has made a name for itself. 

On September 15th Six Degrees Society is thrilled to be partnering with Public Lives, Secret Recipes for a Non-bake cooking class in Chicago! In the meantime, learn more about Caitlin and her story of creating such a delicious brand.