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In Her Shoes (But Really): Meet Homa Zaryouni, Founder of 10 Wooster

How many times have you wondered where someone bought something to only find out that it's no longer on the market? Rather than hunt down that exact piece why not rent it from that person you saw it on? Homa Zaryouni, Founder of 10 Wooster, is doing just that. Rather than save up to buy one item, you can spend less money to rent the dress of your dreams that you're only planning on wearing once. Homa sources the closets of coolest and most stylish lenders and invites you to shop. 

I Want A Raise: Meet Alexandra Dickinson, Founder of Ask For It

Do you need a job to get one? Ask Alexandra Dickinson. She's taken a not so great situation and turned it into an amazing company empowering women to know their worth and get what they ask for. As the founder of Ask For It, she speaks to individuals and companies on how to ask for their worth. 

SF Boutique, Big Treasures: Alysha Cassis-Shaw, Co-Founder of Concept Forty Seven

Nestled in lower Haight past the hot dog shop there is a lovely store called Concept 47. The pieces are a mix of local vendors and vintage treasures. It was there I found beautiful dangled gold earrings and pieces I wanted to scoop up. Learn Alysha's journey from NYC to SF and starting her store. 

Let's Take This List From 1 to 1,000: Meet Peter Wang, Growth Hacker and Founder of Grow Your Funnel

Meet SF based growth hacker Peter Wang. The moment you meet Peter you'll be caught up in his energy and excitement for what he does. Plus he's got this amazing smile that lights up his 6'1 frame! Peter is incredible adept in understanding the email and social hacks that takes a business from 10 customers to thousands. Learn more why you need a funnel and how to think outside of the box. 

Find Your Passion & Live A Life Of Purpose: Meet Rachel East, Co-Founder of Clarity On Fire

Rachel East is co-founder of Clarity on Fire, the go to destination for helping people find their passion in life and in their careers. Her site is something that should be immediately sent to the college graduate who is struggling to find their purpose. Yet Rachel and her co-founder Kristen had their own personal struggles before they landed on creating a platform to help others! Learn more about Rachel and the famous passion profile quiz that helped make their website a household name. 

Painted Red (And Green and Blue): Meet Emily Keating Snyder, LA Based Artist

Some people have no idea what they want to do when they grow up and others know exactly what they want. For LA based artist Emily Keating Snyder she always knew she wanted to be an artist and followed through. From selling her artwork at shows and online stores like Etsy to hosting workshops and events for those starting out, Emily has a creative approach to art and is making quite a name for herself. 

The ABCs of Branding: Meet Sheila Cannon & Corin Camenisch of Blow Branding

Branding is one of the most important part of creating a company. It's the logo, the colors, the language all packaged up perfectly to make it your own. Sounds easy right? It's your company so of course all of this comes naturally. Yet when you're building your brand, working on everything how important is branding to you? That's why you bring in the professionals like the amazing ladies of Blow Branding who does the branding for you. 

Create A Business You Love: Meet Naomi Mdudu, The Founder of The Lifestyle Edit

When that moment hits you that you know you're ready to be an entrepreneur, where do you go? Naomi Mdudu, Founder of The Lifestyle Edit had the same question when she left her job. Instead of searching elsewhere she built her own platform to help women find and create the business they love. 

Could a Gemstone Be a Girl's Best Friend: Meet Eva Meijer, Founder of Eva's Gems & Jewels

Marilyn Monroe has us convinced that diamonds were a girl's best friend but now after meeting Eva Meijer I'm not so sure! With a wide range of colors and values gems are entering the game of engagement rings and special occasions almost as much as diamonds. Learn more about Eva, founder of Eva's Gems & Jewels and why they are catching the eye of the rich and the famous. 

The Lady Boss Millennial Chef: Meet Julia Chebotar, Health Coach Extraordinaire

Julia is a straight shooter that you know you can trust! She's that person you'd take shopping with you and really let you know that those jeans don't look awesome on you but then would suggest a pair that fits perfectly. She's also a health coach and someone that will make sure you take the key steps in changing your health and making these changes fun and approachable. She's SUCH a talented chef and used to be the owner of The Organic Grill in the East Village (the best veggie burger I've ever eaten). She still does personal chef work (I highly recommend her for your next dinner party!). She's also our incredible NYC ambassdor that runs all of our events, has her finger on the pulse of what's happening and is just an incredible person. 

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone: Meet Jenn Lederer, Motivational Speaker, Leadership Coach and So Much More

Jenn is one of those ladies that legends are made of. "You need to meet Jenn," Said everyone. I was told that her energy is contagious and she's going to transform your life. All of which was true once hoping on multiple phone calls with her (we have yet to meet in person). Jenn not only is a motivational speaker but she is a leadership coach and shares all of her knowledge on her weekly podcast called the Weekly Alignment. Keep reading to learn how you too can show up in life and make it happen! 

Learn To Love Yourself: Meet Holly Toronto, The Love Your Body Health Coach

I always thought the struggle of loving your body was a personal one. That's why I was amazed when I met Holly Toronto, Founder of Love Your Body Health Coaching who spoke so openly about her own struggles with her body and made me realize that this was a conversation that could be had with an expert outside of your friend group. 

From MRS. To BOSS: Meet Delia Folk, Founder of The Delia Folk Brand

Delia Folk is a go-getter and you know after meeting her that you'll one day flipping through a magazine or frantically pointing at the TV and shouting "I know her!!!". She's one of those ladies that's going to make her dreams happen and is doing everything in her power to get there. From Alabama to NYC Delia has been adamant to make the most out of her time and surround herself with people that propel her forward! Read more on how this amazing woman works a full-time job, creates robust content for and is on her way to become the next industry leader. 

The Therapist That Gets You: Meet Lindsey Pratt, LMHC

When I met Lindsey I immediately started sharing problems, feelings, anxieties I had with her. As she nodded her head encouragingly and asked the right questions I had to snap myself out of my trance and apologize for sharing such intimate stories with a new stranger. She kindly told me that it happens a lot! How could it not? Lindsey has this magical way about her that makes you want to solve all your problems together, plus she's a cool 20-30 something that can relate! Learn more about the LMHC who totally gets it. 

Granola On The Go: Meet Casey Kehoe, Founder of Casey's Krunch

From the first meeting of Casey, you could tell she was a go-getter, and then she started telling me about Casey's Krunch. Casey's Krunch is homemade, gluten free granola that is packaged in these amazing adorable bags that are the perfect snack after workouts, paired with yogurt and for on the go! Learn more about Casey, her vision and her krunch!

Eggxtra Special: Meet Tiffany Hallgren, Founder of TLC Infertility and Donor Services

Tiffany Hallgren is the founder of Infertility and Donor Services, a boutique egg donor agency with offices in Los Angeles and New York.   A member of Six Degrees Society, Tiffany is a regular panelist at our ‘Eggcellent’ events, which explore women’s fertility with experts on egg donation, egg freezing and fertility.

No More #PinterestFails: Meet Anne Hyun, Founder of Black Twine

1. Having spent a large part of your career in the corporate world, specifically American Express, what led you to create Black Twine and what exactly is it?

Back in 2014, I was planning my now business partner’s bridal shower and wanted to throw a mix-and-match tea party that I saw on Pinterest but could not figure out how to purchase the items pictured. I ended up staying up every night bidding for individual teacups on eBay to replicate the look! Part of my full-time job, at the time, was leading premium events for American Express, so it was a bit embarrassing that I struggled so much to plan a party of my own. I spent the next couple years hoping a solution would pop-up to address the pain of pulling together a beautiful party, and just recently, it dawned on me that I should tackle it!

The Most Connected Lady In NYC: Meet Harper Spero, Business Coach & Consultant

After a year of failed attempts trying to meet Harper Spero we finally succeed in aligning our schedules to meet each other in person. To me Harper's name held an air or mystery and allure to it. "You don't know Harper?" Asked everyone I ever met. So who is Harper Spero and what makes her tick and how did she become one of the most connected ladies in NYC and beyond? 

The Coolest Hairstylist In Manhattan: Meet Siobhan Quinlan, Hairstylist at Art + Autonomy

With stunning ever changing hair (last I saw her it was bright pink) Siobhan stands out. She's a hairstylist at the chic Soho salon Art + Autonomy. Leaving behind a traditional career to pursue mastering the art of hair and styling, Read Siobhan's story from "normal" to "remarkable."

Adult Education Meets Cocktail Party: Meet Gina Leggett, Founder Of The Renaissance Person

Meet Gina Leggett, a jack of all trades or perhaps the original Renaissance Person. Gina is the founder of Renaissance Person where adult education meets cocktail party or better yet the Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts for Adults - merit badges included! Learn more about Gina's story in balancing her corporate life and finding time for fun.