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Eggxtra Special: Meet Tiffany Hallgren, Founder of TLC Infertility and Donor Services

Tiffany Hallgren is the founder of Infertility and Donor Services, a boutique egg donor agency with offices in Los Angeles and New York.   A member of Six Degrees Society, Tiffany is a regular panelist at our ‘Eggcellent’ events, which explore women’s fertility with experts on egg donation, egg freezing and fertility.

No More #PinterestFails: Meet Anne Hyun, Founder of Black Twine

1. Having spent a large part of your career in the corporate world, specifically American Express, what led you to create Black Twine and what exactly is it?

Back in 2014, I was planning my now business partner’s bridal shower and wanted to throw a mix-and-match tea party that I saw on Pinterest but could not figure out how to purchase the items pictured. I ended up staying up every night bidding for individual teacups on eBay to replicate the look! Part of my full-time job, at the time, was leading premium events for American Express, so it was a bit embarrassing that I struggled so much to plan a party of my own. I spent the next couple years hoping a solution would pop-up to address the pain of pulling together a beautiful party, and just recently, it dawned on me that I should tackle it!

The Most Connected Lady In NYC: Meet Harper Spero, Business Coach & Consultant

After a year of failed attempts trying to meet Harper Spero we finally succeed in aligning our schedules to meet each other in person. To me Harper's name held an air or mystery and allure to it. "You don't know Harper?" Asked everyone I ever met. So who is Harper Spero and what makes her tick and how did she become one of the most connected ladies in NYC and beyond? 

The Coolest Hairstylist In Manhattan: Meet Siobhan Quinlan, Hairstylist at Art + Autonomy

With stunning ever changing hair (last I saw her it was bright pink) Siobhan stands out. She's a hairstylist at the chic Soho salon Art + Autonomy. Leaving behind a traditional career to pursue mastering the art of hair and styling, Read Siobhan's story from "normal" to "remarkable."

Adult Education Meets Cocktail Party: Meet Gina Leggett, Founder Of The Renaissance Person

Meet Gina Leggett, a jack of all trades or perhaps the original Renaissance Person. Gina is the founder of Renaissance Person where adult education meets cocktail party or better yet the Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts for Adults - merit badges included! Learn more about Gina's story in balancing her corporate life and finding time for fun. 

Event Planning With Creativity: Meet Cara Daisley & Yudit Svirsky, Co-founders of Six Wings Events

Cara has always had this can do attitude that make her a pleasure to be a round and someone you always want on your side. When she told me she had met her business partner Yudit, I was thrilled that she had found someone equally thrilled about event planning and working with interesting clients. Together they started Six Wings Events and have since gone on to work with some major clients and activations. 

Do's & Doulas: Meet Jennifer Mayer, Founder of Baby Caravan

Where do you go to teach you the A-Z's of childbirth, lactation and returning to the job market? You go to the Baby Caravan. Meet Jennifer Mayer, the founder of an amazing collective of women Doulas that guide women through the journey of pregnancy and beyond. Think of it like a Doula on Demand. Read on to learn more of Jennifer's experience in becoming a Doula and creating the caravan. 

Not Your Mother's Travel Agent: Meet Whitney Shindelar, Founder of Undiscovered Sunsets

Whitney is amazing. She's one of those individuals that you meet and try to figure out what European country she yields from. Is she Dutch? Is she French? Nope, she's from Iowa. Yet her love of travel has brought her to living in multiple countries, learning three languages and starting her own traveling planning business helping individuals plan their ultimate getaway. When she's not planning her next adventure she is working as our LA ambassador meeting and operating incredible Six Degrees Society LA events. 

Downward Dog + Baby: Meet Sarah Vandekerckhove, NYC's Prenatal Yoga Teacher

When you meet Sarah you are struck by her composure, a sense of being super present while chatting with her and her smile. Sarah left the corporate world to focus on building her yoga practice and assemble a community for mother's to be like she had while pregnant with her now toddler son! You can find Sarah teaching classes, leading retreats and helping others achieve balance in their lives. 

How to Make Your Biz Standout: Meet Nicole Hernandez, Founder of Pink Graffiti

Nicole "Cole" is vivacious and a doer.  When she puts her mind to something that something is done but with flair. Formerly a Corporate PR/Marketing dynamo her entrepreneurial spirit kept creeping through that it ultimately led to her newest company Pink Graffiti. A PR firm focused on the small biz that is going to change the world and go even further with a little help from Cole. 

Healthy Hedonism : Meet Phoebe Lapine, Author of The Wellness Project

Phoebe is a health nut, but not on purpose. Through a series of unfortunate health diagnoses she uncovered what was actually making her body malfunction and how to live a life where food was still a big part of it without upsetting the balance of her body. Chef and founder of the blog Feed Me PhoebePhoebe embarks on a health project in her newest book called The Wellness Project. This book will make you think twice about everyone you put on your body and in it. 

From Frizzy To Glam in 15 Minutes: Meet Erika Wasser, Founder of Glam&Go

Post gym you are typically still sweating even after showering. So when it comes to blowing out your hair it's pretty much decided that it'll be an air dry day. Thankfully Glam&Go has come on the scene and nestled itself in chic gyms like Exhale and Equinox and offers a 15 min express blowout and a 30 minute blow out where they will wash your hair for you. Now with their unlimited membership option you can get glam every day! Read on for how Erika Wasser created a business for the lady on the go. 

Event Venues On Demand: Meet Bashed Founder, Peyton Ladt

Have you ever struggled to plan a party/dinner bigger than 10 people? What restaurant will fit a group this size? How many event request forms do I have to complete before I talk to a human? The struggle is real when planning events in NYC but fortunately for us Peyton Ladt created a platform called Bashed that will change your life and the ease in which you book an event. So go crazy and invite that 11th person to dinner because now booking a reservation for larger groups will be easy in NYC. 

Ready, Set, Create: Meet Sarah Duff, Founder of S. Duff Media and Atlanta Ambassador

Making the leap into the freelance world is daunting, we all know that! Yet Sarah Duff, founder of S. Duff Media has made the transition look easy. Only 5 months into her new life she's crushing it with dreamy clients and a new outlook on life. She also recently joined the Atlanta Six Degrees Society team as an ambassador. Read her story below, and introduce yourself at our next Atlanta event!

The Finishing Touches To A Women's Outfit: Meet Neely and Chloe Burch, Founders of Neely & Chloe

A few months ago I stumbled into a pop-up shop in midtown and was drawn to a handbag, I turn around and the two designers, Neely + Chloe are standing right behind me. They point out their shoes they designed as well. The collection is clean, fun and just the right price point to not blow your budget. Born into a family synonymous for fashion (Tory Burch's neices) these ladies are making a name for themselves from a. pop-up store nestled on Bleecker Street to a chic showroom in the heart of Tribeca. Learn more about how they both left the corporate route in pursuit of something more, and stay tuned for pictures from our event with Neely + Chloe and Crowns by Christy on May 15th. 

Entrepreneurial Spirit Is Inherited: Meet Elizabeth Frank, The Ultimate Mombassador

It's with a great honor that I get to feature the most inspirational lady in my life. Meet my Mom, Elizabeth Frank. If it wasn't for my mom's entrepreneurial spirit and ambition throughout my childhood I never would have made the transition into entrepreneurship. Her fearlessness always inspired me and it's been a great pleasure to share the journey and evolution with her as we grow Six Degrees Society! She's a regular at our NYC events and is the best "Mombassador" a girl can ask for. On this Mother's Day I invite you to read her incredible story from West Coast living to moving to NYC and starting her own business. 

Changing The Way Wellness Content Is Curated: Meet Lindsey Martin, Founder of Bloom

Lindsay Martin is the founder of bloom and she has a gift. She has a gift of curating evergreen wellness content into a fun and manageable way that is easy to digest and relate to. Before starting bloom Lindsay was busy building the empire that is Kayla Itsines before setting out to build her own wellness kingdom. 

Taking Flower Power To The Next Level: Meet Christy Doramus, Founder of Crowns By Christy

Flower crowns have made a resurgence from wedding accessories to the perfect touch at Coachella. Meet Christy Doramus who mastered the craft at the perfect time creating beautiful creations for her clients and the chicest brands. Find out how a beauty publicist leveraged Instagram to create the most visually beautiful company called Crowns by Christy

You Do What?: Meet Blake Fletcher, Founder of Half Hour Intern

Two months ago I was 35,000 feet in the air and started listening to Virgin America's featured podcast. It was called Half Hour Intern and I was intrigued by the topic and the conversational tone of the podcast host Blake Fletcher. Half way through my second episode I subscribed to wi-fi and punched out an email to Blake Fletcher, telling him my story and pitching him on why I should be a guest on his show. By the time my flight landed he had emailed back and Blake and I had a great conversation pre-recording our show (which you can find here). Now it's my turn to interview Blake and have him tell his incredible story on how he went from medical device rep to podcasting professionally.