Whether you’re working outside running your business from the comfort of your sun drenched couch or perhaps you have a more professional desk set up in your office or guest room. Running a business online is incredible. It allows you the freedom and flexibility to do your business everywhere all from your laptop. To make your online business run even more efficiently you’ll need tools to help you do just that. We all know it’s important to get organized, in this article we break down our favorite online tools for running your small business.
While you might not belong to a co-working space, Denver has a plethora of cool coffee shops. Whether you’re meeting for business or looking for a place to concentrate, here are the best coffee shops in Denver to work from. 
The crisp notes of autumn are soon arriving! But, you don’t have to wait until Small Business Saturday in November to support local businesses. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites from post.script. in San Francisco. Eclectic and whimsical, their inventory emphasizes clean and modern designs, while celebrating the offbeat. 
Lizzie Nelson stumbled into health coaching by accident. It took years of her own health journey before she realized that her greatest advocate was herself! Her personal struggles inspired her to pursue the healing of others. She now helps ambitious women transform their lives by teaching them how to live sustainably healthy lives.

When you played sports you had a coach that helped you run faster, sharpen your skills and maximize your performance. Why wouldn’t you have a coach in your life as well? 

I’m talking about someone that guides you to understand your business, your body, your emotions. There is truly a coach for everyone and everything. So why hire a coach and what type of coach should I hire? 

We’ve had the pleasure of experiencing MANY different styles of selling over our careers. Some coaches address every objection you have and their number one goal is to get that payment NOW over the phone, while others timidly mention they have an offer and leave it at that. There are also coaches out there that have other people sell their services on their behalf. Ultimately, there is not a one size fits all strategy that works for everyone. What might work for one individual, might not feel authentic to others. Here are 7 tips to help you sell with confidence as a coach.
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