By Elizabeth Roberts  My performance review is three months away and I’m already nervous. I often hear that “Women should ask for more money” — but how much more money? What’s the balancing act with asking for other perks like working remotely, PTO, and growth opportunities both internal (becoming a project lead) and external (industry […]

Soho is known as a mecca for artists, but there wasn’t a central place where creatives could come together. They needed a multi-purpose location to shoot their subjects, as well as sit down and work. Enter VillageOne. This SoHo coworking space caters to artists, providing them resources and a community. Founder Vivienne Yang wants VillageOne […]

By Georgene Huang It’s not uncommon. You come across the fact that a coworker is making more money than you and feel confused, angry, or both. Perhaps you were just offered your dream job but the salary or vacation time isn’t quite where you want it to be. How do you handle the situation? While […]

By Lily Womble You’re awesome. You have a great group of friends, a career that’s moving on up and you feel empowered in most areas of your life. But when it comes to dating, things don’t feel that put together. Why do dating apps suck so much? It’s not you, it’s science. Cognitive overload is […]

By Izabelle Azevedo You have an “Aha!” moment for a great business idea. You start researching marketing, client acquisition, company names and branding. Awesome! All that’s valid and helpful. But a million-dollar idea is nothing if you don’t work on one thing: your mindset. And what the heck is mindset anyways? A mindset is a […]

By Jessica Garvey You’re engaged! Congrats! Now the real fun begins. And yes, it should all be fun. But sometimes, the stress of planning a wedding can turn a girl into a bridezilla. We all know the signs: bulging eyes, high-pitched voice, uncontrollable crying. But this state can be avoided! With the below budget tips […]