Hannah and I connected through being in the Create & Cultivate FB group, subscribing to her email list and responding back to her email. Now 2 months later we’ve already hosted an instagram live, she’s contributed to our blog and we’re planning an event together. Oh the things you can do when you put two networkers together. Hannah is the Founder of The Leading Lady and has dedicated her business to shed some light on how networking doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Learn more about Hannah’s journey from performer to professional and catch us in SF on June 6th for our event together.

Staying productive when you have an endless list of things to get done can be a challenge when you have even more distractions in your head. We’ve all been there, especially after Monday hits and you can’t stop thinking about hometown dates on The Bachelor. I mean seriously, “WHO will be taking home that final rose??” Do you find yourself constantly trying to get things done but you end up with 50 tabs open on your computer and skimming a Buzzfeed quiz wondering what kind of pasta lover you are? Yes, these thoughts are unproductive when you’re trying to get sh*t done, so I’ve decided to come up with a few new tips and tricks to help you effectively check off that list before your mind starts wandering.

One only hopes that a summer internship leads to a full-time job! Well that’s exactly what happened to Mercey Livingston in NYC the summer of 2017. She had moved from Mississippi to participate in an internship she found through networking (shameless plug) and moved to NYC expecting to return back to Mississippi at the end of the summer. Except Well + Good offered Mercey a position she couldn’t resist, so she officially became a New Yorker! 

One of the best aspects of a coworking space is that you’re working alongside people from all different walks of life. It keeps your workspace fresh and inspiring. However, diverse personalities and backgrounds also means that there needs to be certain rules in place to keep the peace and maintain the positive environment. Without these rules, you can have a disgruntled group of coworkers — which makes for a not-so-great workspace.


Here’s what you can do to keep your favorite workspace from dissolving into chaos.

Weather-wise, this has certainly been an eventful winter for most of us. After all, how many “bomb cyclones” have you experienced before? And places have gotten snow for the first time in over 20 years. If you’re like me, your skin is really feeling the effects of the wind and cold outdoors combined with the dry heat indoors. These conditions can stress even the best complexions and most well cared for skin. While I can’t make spring come any faster, I can share a few tips for your skin care routine that will help your skin stay hydrated and yes, even glow, until  the flowers are in bloom! 

Some people like their jobs and then there are those people that LOVE their jobs. Well, Allison Hedlund, Consumer Engagement at noosa yoghurt LOVES her job. She gets to spend her day  rewarding and appreciating noosa fans with product and special prizes. Learn how this mom of four found her dream job and lives a life of balance!