By Emily Merrell Remember when people looked at you like you were nuts for sticking needles in your body? Now everyone knows what acupuncture is and the problem is figuring out how to book these services and vet who is worthy of your hard earned money. Enter Rupa Health. They simplify the way you book […]

  By Abigail Gibbons  “Achieved individual and team goals through self and group motivation.”  That’s the line I had on my resume after college graduation, but it still rings true today.  I believe a great leader is someone who is focused on the wellbeing of their team. It’s a person who believes that the only […]

By Sally Rogers America is in the midst of a new period: the Era of the Event. If you’ve been to a Six Degrees Society event, you’re probably an event aficionado! These days, event attendees are seeking genuine connection to others, social collateral, and family-friendly fun (mostly driven by millennials) and relish the joy of […]

By Kerry Botensten Los Angeles is known for the Westside’s white sandy beaches with tanned surfers and Eastside’s glamorous Hollywood with ritzy 90210-ers. But let’s cover what you may not know yet. Put the top down in your (rented) Mustang convertible and cruise up the PCH to the quaint Danish town of Solvang. Google maps […]

By Elise Morgan The world of business is full of myths and preconceptions – some helpful, others not so. It’s likely you’ve bought into some of the common beliefs about what you need to do, or who you need to be, to find success in business. Below we take a look at some of the […]

By Laurie Gerber Do you believe in having it all? For as long as I can remember, I didn’t. Sure, I could have some things…I just couldn’t have or expect to have everything at once.  In fact, I firmly believed that anyone who said that they could “have it all” — a happy partner, kids, […]