By Amanda McAvena Growing up, I used to walk around the Lake of the Isles near downtown Minneapolis and dream of the day I’d own one of those picturesque homes. I would picture myself planting a vegetable garden in the back while listening to “Our House” by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. When I moved […]

By Emily Merrell  How many times have you been on vacation and spent more time answering work emails than actually disconnecting? I’ve been there. I’d often need a vacation from a vacation because I needed time to regroup from my half “on vacation” mode and half “still working” mentality. I was burned out.  It wasn’t […]

By Tina Martin Whether you work full-time from home or just need a space to tie up loose ends, a place where you can focus is a must. If you’re thinking about creating a designated office space — whether remodeling, converting or buying — here are a few design ideas to keep in mind. Separate […]

By Emily Merrell  When I was little, I never imagined a big fancy wedding. Yet when I met Greg Hill, I knew I wanted a wedding. When looking for wedding venues, we knew it had to be in California, specifically wine country. Both of us are transplants, and our common denominator was California. The thing […]

Why hello there, I’m LA Marks, the Chief Poetic Officer (CPO) of Ars Poetica, the world’s only woman-owned poetic agency, and Six Degrees Society asked me to ease your minds and spark your imaginations this Valentine’s Day. Valentines (and Galentines) have been particularly on my mind this year as I’ve just launched my first poetic […]

By Emily Merrell The first time someone told me to try oils on my face, I just laughed. As a child with oily skin, putting more oil on seemed pretty counterintuitive. Yet, rather than dismissing the idea entirely, I leaned in and tried it. It started out with chia seed oils, then argan oils and […]