By Lindsay Meck We launched Onward: A Post-Breakup Concierge Service on Valentine’s Day in NYC after observing too many overwhelming urban uncouplings (our own included).  Managing the administrative lift of a quick housing relocation (the move, the apartment search, the utility changes) and reorienting your life post-breakup could be easier and less socially stigmatizing. […]

By Ashley Gonzalez Saying “no” is hard. At times, saying it makes me feel awkward, guilty, and even unsympathetic. Whether it comes to things I can’t do or simply don’t want to, saying “no” has always been difficult because I want to be helpful. But I couldn’t believe how easy and relieving saying “no” actually […]

By Emily Merrell What does Lipstick & Ink have to do with success? Well, Chicago based founder Kelly Nash understands the importance of making your mark to lead to your own version of success. Lipstick & Ink encompasses professional and lifestyle advice as well as in-person events. Read on to get a glimpse of a […]

By Capri Fiello Your qualifications will land you an interview but they aren’t enough to land the job. Getting an offer letter often hinges on the impression you make with the people you’ll meet during your job search. The impression you leave is a telling factor in how well you’ll work with the rest of […]

By Emily Merrell When going to Napa, it’s easy to get caught up in the normal tourist destinations like dining at the prestigious French Laundry, sipping wine at Duckhorn Winery and biking up and down the highway. But in downtown Napa, nestled on the corner of California Avenue, sits Nappalachia. Nappalachia is a grab-and-go shop […]

By Alexis Taylor I love showing people around this 7 x 7 city of mine, but I can only head over to Union Square or take a double decker bus tour so many times! San Francisco is such an evolving city, you can’t just stick with the basics when visiting! Everyone knows the popular stops […]