By Cassidy Webb  Staying sober throughout the holiday season is difficult for people in early recovery. There are social events that involve drinking, strained relationships that people are trying to mend and unexpected challenges that may drive people to drink or use drugs. Combine these stressors with the typical chaos of a big family holiday […]

  By Emily Merrell  The most famous pivot might still be the cast of Friends bringing a couch up a flight of stairs. Yet whether you’re starting your career or you’re a mid-level, pivots happen every day. A perfect example of managing the pivot is Izabelle Azevedo. Izabelle spent a good duration of her career […]

By Emily Merrell Let me preface this post by telling you that I am not a wine expert. I am, however, an individual that knows what she likes and has had the pleasure of working in the wine industry off and on for years. Regardless of trying lots of wines over my lifetime, I still […]

By Emily Merrell Buying cashmere is like buying a car – you become particularly loyal to a brand once you start shopping there. Just in time for the holidays, cashmere can be found in every store by every big name brand. Yet there is something special and precious about the cashmere line Frances Austen. First […]

By Emily Merrell  Carolyn is one of the punniest people I know. Her Instagram captions are authentically her and represent a passionate love of travel, food and reading. Carolyn started sharing her Instagram with the public back in 2015. She’s evolved from a corporate employee to a digital strategist and content creator – spreading her […]

  By Emily Merrell Oftentimes a good idea comes from uncertainty in one’s own life. That’s precisely what happened to Sarah O’Brien Hammond, founder of The Network of Women (The NoW). This NYC organization focuses on creating a space for women to connect and begin the self-discovery journey with support from others. Learn how this […]