By Jennifer Woodruff You’ve walked the stage, received your diploma and gotten your first job. But what’s the most exciting part of adulthood? Getting that set of keys to your first grown-up apartment. If you’ve been dwelling in dorms or even a college house, you know how wonderful this transition can be! Even if you […]

  By Olivia Hadreas As cult favorite movie Bridesmaids so accurately showed us, bachelorette parties can often end up more trouble than fun!  While bachelorettes come from a place of good intentions (hello bff weekend!), they can end up feeling forced, stressful and expensive. So what’s a gal to do when she wants to plan […]

By Krista Bo  Coffee shops aren’t just a place to get your caffeine fix anymore. It’s a place to congregate, to maintain an Instagram aesthetic, to focus, to reflect and to escape. Vibes are important to thrive, but the perfect spot can be hard to come by. Let me give you a head start: here […]

By Emily Merrell No one ever suspects that they’ll get a life changing diagnosis, but that’s exactly what happened to Nicole Skibola. Starting as a corporate lawyer, she became the co-founder of a licensed cannabis company called Cosmic View that specializes in women’s health formulas. Nicole and her researcher mother, Christine, make the dynamic duo […]

By Izabelle Azevedo It’s a blessing, sometimes a curse, when you’re good at too many things. It can make it more difficult to choose a career path. You end up either feeling lost or changing your mind – a lot. Does this describe you, or perhaps someone you know? It’s called multipotentiality: when an individual […]

By Emily Merrell I had never been to a physical therapist before. I thought physical therapy was for professional athletes, old people and those recovering from a surgery. But as my aches and pains started intensifying, I sought one out. My knee was popping every time I squatted and didn’t want to give up squatting […]