by Deepti Sharma, Founder and CEO of FoodtoEat The millennials have arrived. There will be 73 million of us by the end of this year. We’ll be the largest generation in U.S. history, with the largest share of consumer purchasing power to match (thanks for passing the baton Baby Boomers!) And if you haven’t heard […]

By Keaton Colt Graduate school can be expensive, especially if you’re enrolling right after receiving your undergraduate degree. Being accepted into a program for stellar grades and an urge to increase your credibility within a certain job market is an achievement that should be nothing but celebrated. But when costs are constantly in the back […]

By Lilia Karimi While weddings should be filled with love and connection, it’s easy to get sidetracked on minuscule details and focusing on the day as a guest experience (rather than your own.) For me, a dream wedding includes mindfulness, intentional preparation and a holistic approach to marriage. Here are my top ways to have […]

By Alexa Gavin Remember back in January when it felt like the longest month ever? So long, in fact, it became a common meme across social media? But now it’s time for Justin Timberlake “it’s gonna be May” memes and “May the Fourth be with you” jokes. I don’t know about you but I happen […]

By Emily Merrell Journaling has been on my to-do list for quite some time. Sometimes I have loads to write, other days I’m not quite sure where to start. With SILK + SONDER, these monthly planners keep you on track for your personal journey. Meha Agrawal, the founder, left jobs at Stitch Fix and The […]

By Emily Merrell What do you do after stuffing your pants into a drawer and secretly praying that the dresser doesn’t explode? You call a home organizer. Enter Sara Losonci, New York City’s premier home organizer. Her charismatic and trusting personality puts you at ease as she reminds you why you don’t need four pairs […]