By Izabelle Azevedo Through the course of our lives, we make decisions. Every day, all the time. But have you ever asked yourself if the decisions you’re making are truly coming from a place of consciousness? Why did you pick this particular outfit you’re wearing today? Why is your favorite color green, not blue, and […]

By Alexa Gavin Every time I scroll through my social media, I feel overwhelmed with news of friends and acquaintances sharing major life events. Whether it be a close friend or someone from my ninth grade geometry class, I am always happy and excited to see this wonderful milestone being celebrated in this person’s life. […]

By Alli C. Since the beginning of the baby boomer generation in 1964, our society has experienced significant changes: family life, education, self-fulfillment and relationships. Due to certain advancements that have been implemented over the years, older generations are being forced to adapt to a new way of life. One of the newest generations, the […]

  By Julia Merrill Chances are that you hear about women’s health at least once a day, whether it’s a television or radio commercial, magazine article, or social media post. You get it – diet and exercise are important – but women’s health goes beyond that. The following five tips are simple ways you can […]

By Elizabeth Roberts  My performance review is three months away and I’m already nervous. I often hear that “Women should ask for more money” — but how much more money? What’s the balancing act with asking for other perks like working remotely, PTO, and growth opportunities both internal (becoming a project lead) and external (industry […]

Soho is known as a mecca for artists, but there wasn’t a central place where creatives could come together. They needed a multi-purpose location to shoot their subjects, as well as sit down and work. Enter VillageOne. This SoHo coworking space caters to artists, providing them resources and a community. Founder Vivienne Yang wants VillageOne […]