By Lauren Volper I started learning about wine before I was legally able to drink it. When I moved to San Francisco at 19-years-old from upstate New York, I was asked in an interview for a restaurant position about the five major grapes that grow in Bordeaux. I missed the answer to the question, and […]

  By Alexa Gavin Every time New Year’s rolls around, like most others, I set goals for myself. “New Year, New Me” – right? Yet, I always find myself having a hard time meeting those goals because life just gets in the way. Sometimes setting realistic and easily attainable goals can make all the difference. […]

By Izabelle Azevedo “Changing habits takes time.” I bet you’re tired of hearing this. Well, unfortunately, it does. But you know what really takes time? Sticking to those habits. As I’m writing this post, I’m not proud to say that with the holidays, and all the things happening in my life at the same time, I started cheating […]

By Ashley Salamanca Cate Luzio is a bit of an anomaly. She hustled her way to the top ranks of corporate and investment banking, a notoriously male-dominated industry. She worked her butt off and finally claimed her seat at the table, only to look around and wonder…where are the rest of the ladies at? For […]

In a world that is mostly led by men, establishing leadership roles for women in their respective fields can be somewhat of a challenge. And though most of the world has learned to accept women taking charge over certain workplaces, the fact still remains that there are few women leaders in most industries. So in […]

By Molli Carlson Everyone deals with a lack of confidence from time to time. But when those feelings turn unshakeable and start getting in the way of personal peace of mind, it might be an indication of imposter syndrome. What is impostor syndrome? Impostor syndrome refers to the phenomenon when an individual internalizes their accomplishments, […]